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What's happening in GBG

Groovy Prof

This last GBG has returned a massive drop in rewards for battles won / successful negs.
I can do 8 battles and get no bonuses.....the bonuses are minimal anyway but at least they are something
It's hard enough getting guild members to participate normally, but now with fewer rewards, it's a joke.
Why waste troops or goods for nothing? Where is the incentive ...or even come to that, the enjoyment?
Soon there won't be a need to boycott (as per suggestions in other threads) as no one will bother with it.
At the moment it's sheer frustration and for no benefit. Which in my mind = why bother


Chief Warrant Officer
its about time they started to nerf the goodies given out, its been like an xmas bonanza for to long,

Groovy Prof

On the contrary I think if your spending 20 of each goods for a negotiation an insignificant reward is the least you should expect
Plus if it costs 3-4 units that's a fair old amount of coins and supplies to replace for those at lower levels.
It's fine for those with 5 million points plus as the loss is negligible, but for those below this it is costly with no benefit.
Especially those below 100k and can be extremely off putting.
You see it all the time in our guild, those with lower points might do a few, then the onus is on the members with the most points to achieve anything.
I think the rewards are key to including and encouraging lower ranked players to take part.