What is in your name, game.


Forum Name : Cos Pee Me If (or, including "foe" : Epic Foes Me)
Real name : A Major Round In

And just for fun, I found some quite cool anagrams online :

- Clint Eastwood = Old West Action
- Justin Timberlake = im a jerk but listen
- Statue of Liberty = Built to Stay Free
- Darling I love you = Avoiding our yell
- The Country Side = No City Dust Here
- Dormitory = Dirty Room
- Narcissism = Man's crisis
- Astronomer = Moon Starer
- The eyes = They see
- Debit card = Bad Credit
- William Shakespeare = I'll make a wise phrase
- Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one

(perhaps some are wrong, i checked a few but not all lol)

Billy the Fish

BoD, I was wondering how you were planning on spelling the word "of" without an 'f' ?...


It's my name (check out highlighted letters in my sig). My brain hasn't been working the whole entire yesterday, and I thought that there wasn't a "f" in the Statue of Liberty :p


oooh... i can't see any of your comments between my post and Billy the Fish's reply....
maybe that explains my confusion ;)


hillarious!!:lol::lol::lol: here just some:

Name Holy So :blush:
Halo, Me Nosy :rolleyes:
Shalom, Ye On :D
A Homely Son :?
A Hymen Solo :o
Ham Looneys :D
Halo Moneys 8-)
Sanely **** :)
Amen! Ooh Sly...:D