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We're changing the game in Hounds...


I would like to join in on this fun i am not even in the top 200 let alone top 160.
I also am worried about the effect on the smaller guilds as IA is the only place they really have the resources to play the game a the bigger guilds do.
+1 on the Inno create us a seperate map to do this on, this would make a brilliant event even if there are no prizes, the bragging rights of "i stomped yo ass", could be used internally as well externally of our guilds.
It would be nice if we could have players off different servers as well, maybe even server v server wars. Then the whole big guilds of a server issue falls away.


It's not HL vs FU. The only reason you keep thinking this is because Addo and Eddi cannot be on the same teams. And the reasoning behind this is NOT because one is FU and one is HL. It's because they are both huge players and could probably take on 80 of us together and still win on their own as a team lol

It's a good way to build up a community. Members from HL and FU will most likely find they will end up on the same teams in some cases.

HL and FU don't need a special competition to go at each others throats. As you will see, we are quite capable of doing that without a special tournament.

This is different. This is about the whole of Houndsmoor having a bit of fun.


been awhile since anyone has posted about this ... but it appears there is some interest ... to clarify, no one is looking for the TOP 160 in Houndsmoor to play this out. it is open to anyone who fights GvG at any level in this world :)

so whats say we talk in global about forming 2 teams, get ppl to sign up on this thread, choose teams, and when the next world opens, we go in like gangbusters and see how this plays out?!?! the rate inno opens worlds, we wont have to wait too long :D ... an there is no threat to anyone or their guild or ppl in IA if we would consider this method ... but there IS a change-up to a stagnant game, with the possibility of inno actually setting up something official if this goes well ... (we would hope!) this way, add an eddi actually COULD play for the same team as we all start out with zilch/zippo/nada/nothin!

any thots???