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Welcome to the FOE Cafe!

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
FOE Café

Welcome to the FOE Café. We’re excited to bring you this new piece in our forums. What is it? It’s a blend of off and on topic conversations. It’s a place for newcomers to feel welcome and to drop in, grab a coffee, tea, or soft drink and ask those questions that newcomers have. It’s a place for our more experienced players to help new ones find their feet in the game and in the forums. It’s a place to not only talk about Foe but hang out, chat a bit with your friends and make some new friends along the way. It’s a place to share knowledge.

What it isn’t. A place for slanging matches or derogatory comments. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable for not knowing something or not having read through the entire forum first. This is where you’ll be directed to find that information. Its not a place for one word posts that offer nothing to enhance the dialogue. It is not a negative place. We’ll be far more relaxed about topic drift because topics could be all kinds of things depending where our conversations take us. Forum rules of course, will apply. It is not a completely off topic section. Posts should still relate to our game and forums generally speaking

The Café replaces the old Questions, FAQ’s and Guides section. The FAQ section is being revised and will be posted this week and will be called Cafe Menu. It is still a work in progress. Any suggestions for additions to the list are welcome and should be forwarded to Aelin or myself. It will be mainly comprised on how to navigate our forums etc. The guides section will be reviewed and outdated guides removed. It has been renamed to Cafe Bookshelf. The Questions section has been renamed to Café Counter and game questions can continue to be asked there. A new section called Café Corner has been added for more casual discussion and conversation. Look soon too for our new Forum Ambassadors! These will be experienced players who have a great deal of knowledge about the game and have shown a willingness to help our newer players in the game. They are not moderators, however, will carry a Forum Ambassador Tag under their name so they are easily identified by newer players as someone they can go to, to ask questions. If you’re interested in becoming a Forum Ambassador, DM Lady Marlena or Aelin Wildfire, or both of us, and we’ll chat.

So come on in, pull up a chair and get comfortable. New friends and old are waiting to welcome you!
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Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
Its not an anything or everything thread as per the description, however, it is a more casual place. off topic chat remains for truly off topic subjects :)
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Hello everyone,

No question is too small, please don't worry about asking something that has been asked 100s of times before. Everyone is new to the game at some point and there is always something new to learn!

We are not promising to have all the answers immediately, but if we don't know then we know who to ask :D and I'm sure others who are not identified currently as ambasadors will also be happy to answer questions.

Feel free to ask questions here on this thread or alternatively you can create a seperate one in the Cafe area.


i have a question...it seems like over the post while we are getting a lot of forum threads aren't game related, like this 1 & the what did you eat last, story threads etc, there are just so many of them now that proper game threads are getting lost among them so i would like to ask is there any way to block these threads so I never have to wade through them


i have a question...it seems like over the post while we are getting a lot of forum threads aren't game related, like this 1 & the what did you eat last, story threads etc, there are just so many of them now that proper game threads are getting lost among them so i would like to ask is there any way to block these threads so I never have to wade through them
Do you mean you don't want it to show up in the "New posts" section? If that's what you mean, then AdBlock can hide the threads you are not interested in. Rightclick on the thread icon you want to hide, choose "block the ad," and pull the slider until the thread is hidden. Block that. Repeat for the other threads you want to ignore.
Hi @joesoap this thread is FoE related and is supposed to be a place where people can come and ask quick casual questions instead of creating their own threads without fear of being trolled for asking something that has been asked before or for not knowing how to use the search function effectively.

There has always been an off-topic area and the What did you last eat thread is exactly what that area is for, there have been numerous other threads in the past in that guise and that one is no different.

As for blocking individual threads or whole sections of the forum there is no official way to do this within the forum itself but as @Ati2 suggests it may be possible using 3rd party software but I have not personally tried this.

In time, if this works as it should there should be a reduction in new threads as it should cut down on repeated questions so the "proper" game threads as you call them should be more prominent.

I hope this answers your concerns :)
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Just saying Hi and I'm new to the game but enjoying it. I'll be working on a review and a blog post soon.

Best wishes all



It is nice to come and chill the atmosphere with all the changes to GvG is unsettled out there , ive been playing for over 4 years I think now , and enjoy it , there have been many changes over that time .
The game is always evolving but personally I have had very little to do with GvG as I only have access to the app at home so can't really comment on the changes although when I have done it there seems to be nothing happening so maybe this is a good thing!

I am looking forward to the new guild battlegrounds when they eventually come along:)


Hey Lady M , is there anything special we need to prepare for the battlegrounds within Guild? maybe i should read more in the forums :)

Lady Marlena

FoE Team
Community Manager
You don't have a beta account? :o:D Have a read through the beta announcement and the forum discussion going over there. Lots of answers to questions and such. You'll need goods and troops of your era to start with
Yes our guild is looking forward to the new Guild battlegrounds as half are app users only ..8-)
I don't know the % app players on either of my main worlds but I do know not many do GvG but all do GE so its probably fair to say most are app :)

You'll need goods and troops of your era to start with
Have 1000s of goods and 100s of spare troops but I will need to level those Traz's a bit :D


What a lovely place you have here. Double espresso please :)

One of the reasons I enjoy FoE is that you don't have to fight to progress. In fact, you get rewarded for co-operation and helping others. It's nice to be nice.

So, without further ado, and sure in the knowledge that this is all mentioned elsewhere, here are

Sir Grytpype's Tips For Peaceful Prosperous Playing
Use every square.
Use space well - work out what each generates per square per hour and build accordingly*
Group goods buildings together for ease of collection.
Use the shortest times in Goods/Production Buildings and collect regularly - if you can check in hourly, choose that. If you're going to bed, choose 8 hours. The shorter the time, the greater the production.

Use Reconstruction to reorganise your city(see first two tips). I regularly strip the lot and enjoy a bit of town planning. Yes, I am that sad.
Build a strong defensive army with buffs - Saint Basil's Cathedral and Deal Castle boost your defense.
Don't be to keen to progress through the Ages - get everything you can out of each one before you do.
Complete quests, but abort the ones that offer irrelevant awards or bad returns.
Ignore plunderers. They soon get bored and go away. Gather goods regularly and they won't have anything to plunder.

Choose your friends well and motivate/polish their buildings regularly - you'll likely find some blueprints on the way.
Be patient.

*Average goods per square/hour:
Garage 91 3x4
Lamp Factory 84 6x3
Cattle Ranch 74 7x6
Ceramics 65 5x3
Gunsmith 63 2x3
Chemical Plant 60 4x3
Tobacco Plantation 56 4x4
Clockmaker 53 3x2
Sail-maker 52 3x3
Brewery 44 3x3
Cooperage 41 3x4
Farm 37 4x5
Alchemist 30 3x2
and so on...

Well this has been lovely. I'm off to collect, build, motivate and polish.