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I got this message. What's this ? I mean, is this official? what will be the rewards?



Halloween is also a time to be joyful and happy. It is a happy reminder of days gone past when we used to cast spells on the innocents, spend midnights in graveyards, sacrifice the odd black cat and of course dabble in the odd bit of devil worshiping and watching Steven King movies. Or perhaps it is time to provide a false sense of security to our enemies before we embark on the final quest of our Guild's Halloween event.

We do a small quest within our guild and all I need to do is get the "Happy Halloween" badge which we have to 10 non-guildies and use the Happy Halloween badge in posts on the forum 10 times.

If you could do this it would be great. Just send me teh link of the post back to me.


The image url is http://cdn.picbadges.com/pb/15463/badge.png

Happy HAlloween

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lol, I'm guessing you got this message from someone in the Damn Dirty Rats guild. They are having a fun time playing lots of little games, and you must be the victim of their enjoyment :p
I don't think you need to worry about it.


The contest is an ingame reward we use in our Guild "The Damm Dirty Rats". Our guild is having its own system with badges and achivements which helps motivate guild members to excel in their game. Take a look at our forum
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Don't ya just love being a Damn Dirty Rat and victim is such a good word lol lol

The funny or ironic thing is that our event has not started yet lol. But how do you kerb enthusiasm ? You don't lol !

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