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Weird moments


What are some of the really weird things that have happened to you while playing FoE?
The two weirdest ones I've had are: A princess's gratitude appearing randomly in my quests at the start of the LMA bonus questline till I refreshed the page; and @Emberguard appearing in my neighbourhood.


Haha...... well I do play the game :P

Edit: and I just realised there would be a neighbourhood shuffle today.... now to work out which neighbourhood :D


Hello Harry, what's that? Why am I limping? I got a good kicking yesterday and have only just got out of hospital. Nice to see you again, so let's have a nice cream tea: cup of tea (with a saucer), scone (pronounced scowne NOT scon) and some strawberry jam and Devon clotted cream.

Now, my weirdest moment? Lying down to sleep and all I can see is the army selection screen, Legionnaires and archers! I've even started dreaming about them.

Time to seek the attention of my therapist I think! :D
Oh Matt, it's definitely 'scon' :D
Weird moment. Watching a colour guard bashing the living daylights out of a soldier with his flag! Reminds me of an old lady and her umbrella !!!!
lol weird moments
colour guard +rogues can beat most units if army your facing is FE unit + rogues
but don't try this against hover tank + rogues to hard ,
if your att bonus is high enough and have a colour guard and rogues you can manualy fight to kill the futur era troop with your colour guard and rogues and win a 10 fight sector if it's not a huver tank with 7 rogues
example 1 of any other FE troop +7 rogues you win in manual every time if you play it right it is possible with 1 colour guard and 7 rogues
how is that eaven possible
go give hits with a flag to someone who has something lethal in his hands to fight with and then tell me who will win guy with flag or guy with lethal weapon unless colourguard hits with power of hole city population in 1 hit i don't see the logic
when i did this for 1st time i was in progresive era took a futur era sector by my self with 1 colourguard and 7 rogues ,
am now in FE
seriously go hit on a tank with a flag pole and check if you do a dent in it lol
good luck for doing a dent in it
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