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I think this format of competition is a bit too overwhelming to manage.
Weeeben you seem to like discussions. It is a shame that you feel uncomfortable. As @Cursedveggie says there are other competitions; if you go to the forum, competitions section you can enter them. They are in the form of find the difference, word searches etc... Personally I came here to try and find goods for a friend on a world I don’t play on. I got useful help and enjoyed chatting. I friend requested some players and ended up asking to join the guild they were in. Weeeben, I am glad that you have joined us in chatting here and it is good to have varied opinions.

This was actually going to be my next discussion prompter :)
I think it's unproductive to have guild members in your friends list.
Yes it is, but it depends where your play style is on the selfish to altruistic scale i.e. how much of an butt you are. When R was new there were so few players it was expected to not be friends with any guild members. However if you have a red tablecloth and guildmates who are new to the world it is nice to help them and see them in your tavern. It depends what gives you enjoyment I suppose.

Side note: 16000 florins spent 8 wishing wells, if average chest 200 works out 10% so I’m ok with that.
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Well, if the alternative was everyone just writing "post," I would probably not bother with it. What attracts me about this competition is that it is both a place to have fun, chat, and exchange advice, and a place where you can get goodies. If I can only get goodies most of which, honestly, don't interest me that much, I would most likely not be here.

People who participate in forums do so because they like to talk and discuss. There's nothing keeping you from saying, "Hi, I'm new here, looking forward to participating in this competition" and then slowly getting to know who is who and how things work, like in every other forum on the internet. People who don't like to participate in forums aren't likely to actually come and try it or stay for very long anyway, so meh.
agree. that's why only a few of us have been here for months.
majority come and go quite quickly


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Pick up a couple of folders, walk briskly looking ahead intently whilst tutting (like you are busy and important and someone else has messed up), then hanger right at the kitchen to get a brew on.
Or just wander about aimlessly like I normally do and get one :D

My boos is away today so I think a nice early finish is on the table :D :D :D

Happy new year, everyone! :D

Yaaaay, a couple of wishing wells added to my army. :D:D:D:D
Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood Morning @Ati2

Is that enough enthusiasm for you? :D


I think this format of competition is a bit too overwhelming to manage.
Maybe a new format that would make adjudicating the winner easier?

One of the stand out observations for me is how few FOE players actually enter, it seems a bit overwhelming for people when they come in and find themselves in amongst what appears a small group conversation, it really doesn't have a competition feel about it, but rather a chat thread which many people don't feel comfortable in taking part.

I think there should be a general chat thread for people to shoot the breeze into and a competition thread that is simple and straight forward like answering a question or some other format that would encourage a lot more people to enter.

If there were a hundred active people in this format of competition then it would probably be ok but it's basically just a small handful of the same people, including me who post continuously, and even then, the winning time may not even be won, making it even more complicated.

What does everyone think?
Should there be an easier format of competition to encourage the entire forum viewers to want to enter?
What type of competition might work?
Do you think it's overwhelming for forum moderators to go through 100 pages each and every week?
I wasn't around when these threads started, but I always assumed that the whole point of them is to encourage general chat. When people focus on the competition part, the whole thread becomes a spam-dumpster, and I seriously doubt that that was the original intention.

As for jumping into the conversation, I think most of us are quite friendly. I even say hi to people who, for their very first, introductory post, only say things such as "dskjfhdkljshfdksjfhkds"--which, unfortunately, is quite common. :D


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OF Tech Research is really slow :(

Stupid special goods, can only produce 50 - 60 every 24hrs or so, each tech needs well over 100 to unlock :(
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