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Huh? I said i'm not sure because i didn't keep count.

No, you didn't say you weren't sure. You just downplayed it as "a few diamonds here and there" as though it was something minor. Forty thousand plus diamonds are NOT "a few diamonds here and there".

Why shouldn't I mention I have 3 colossus,I like them and it was just in conversation, if I tell you I just bought a new pair of shoes should I tell you how much it was?

Total non sequitur. Also, while I can understand why you want to pretend I said something I didn't, it doesn't work well when it's so easy to check.

It's not rocket science as to how many footballs were needed, surely people can do the math.

I agree. People can do the math. So can you. Which is why I wondered why you were trying to downplay the cost.

what's with the fierceness of your attitude? among a couple others?

If you feel my post displays a "fierce" attitude, I can only guess you have led a very sheltered life.
Not open for further replies.