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Closed Week #84 2018-12-10

Not open for further replies.


I love it when the hood changes, there is always a race to go through all the new GBs :)

I secured quite a few spots earlier this morning :D
Yes. I love neighbourhood changes too. Not too many good GB spots for me, but some potentials. And a spat of plundering to see how strong the hood is.
I just love it when someone tries a revenge attack after I've just plundered them ::D

But to give them their dues, they kept going even though it was obvious they were getting a kicking :)

Amy Steele

Hey folks! We have winners!

With a chosen time of:

Triwind the Great
and Nathan Kipling

are all winners this week, each receiving 500 Stars on the world of their choice (Stars may be split between worlds if you prefer). Congratulations to all this week's winners. We will be in touch with you about your prize preferences soon.

As previously announced, the upcoming week's competition will be slightly different in format to give as many people as possible a chance of winning some Stars. The format we have chosen is as follows:
  • There will be 5 chosen times for the week
  • You can win multiple times per day/week
  • Any player who posts within 2 minutes either side of any of the chosen times will receive 3 Stars
  • Posting within 1 minute of any chosen time will gain you 5 Stars
  • If your post is at any of the exact times chosen, you will receive 10 Stars
The new week's thread will be posted later this evening. Until then, please continue to use this thread


just realised i hadn't updated my email address but i've done it now - the old one doesn't exist any more


Can the winners please check their in game mail boxes and reply with information on the allocation of stars please.
Not open for further replies.