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Closed Week #83 2018-12-02

Not open for further replies.

Amy Steele

Are you at least having some fun? :D
Not yet but maybe soon :)
Maybe now :D we have winners!


All posted within 2 minutes of this week's chosen time, which was

Congratulations to all our winners. We will be in contact with you soon to find out on which world(s) you would like your 500 Stars. You may split them across worlds if you wish. A new thread will be started soon. Until then please continue to use this one. The next prize will also be 500 Stars.


Yes, many others were also close but not quite close enough. Better luck this week :)
Also advanced notice, for the last 2 weeks of the year - so next week and the week after - we will be doing things slightly differently, which will allow for many more winners, winning (mostly) smaller amounts of stars. More details to follow ;)
More people winning stars? Does that include hitting people on the head? :D


The thing is those who get payed for playing FOE even get extra ingame items... Same fashion as work vehicles or uniforms.:D


The star is at the top of the tree, all cats dream of catching it. But they only wreak basic balls for they can just jump 1,5 m at most.
Not open for further replies.