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Closed Week #8 2017-06-26

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Once upon a time I thought any GB was good to build, because if it's not enough NOW then surely you can just level it til it is? Then I put 5 more months of playing this game under my belt, and I realized my folly....the colosseum's happiness and medal output should be double what it is, minimum, to justify its huge size....notre dame isn't quite as bad, but still pretty terrible, and it may as well not even have a secondary aspect to its happiness the supplies it produces are so low.


I select them on the aspects that I want (EG. goods) Sadly out of the complete sets that I have right now (about 6) none of them is one I want to use


They announce in game that you can win 1k diamonds through the crossword puzzle here in the forum....lo and behold there are 32 people logged into the forum now....


I joined the LIVE Q&A on Facebook 6 hours ago ... but they didn't answer any of my questions.
It's really exciting to watch the questions roll onto FB and have them answered immediately.
NO! Don't build the colosseum OR notre dame! You will regret it sorely. Nothing about them justifies their existence.....at least with a lotus temple you get a GOOD amount of coins, you'll get **** and shoved in it with those two heaping dungpiles.

You absolutely want Aachen, perhaps building zeus first isn't a bad idea, the coins it produces aren't THAT great, but it should be before or after castel del monte. Anyway, you should not build any of them before inno tower, so you can cut houses out of your city and make room for other things.
This talk of inno tower is all very well but from where I'm sitting, not such a good strategy. I have just one blueprint section and even with all my efforts at trading-up on goods, I am still nowhere near having any of the thousands I would need.

First, I have to learn to walk, before it makes sense to dream of running.


How you achieve this, is by searching through the top end players and send them friend invites, then donate to their GBs when they accept. You do this while amassing a huge stockpile of low end goods, which come into play later as a tool to do some extremely unfair trades which are also viewed as legit by fair trade guilds(as long as you mention it).....you arrange to buy the goods you need with FPs, you'll donate those FPs to a specified GB or GBs, and then that person will trade contemporary era goods for low end goods.
On one world, I now have three Chatri Gardens but nothing else of that set :(

Unfotunately, unless it has a double-building boost, it is very weak compared to almost anything.


I think I did that too somewhere....or some other 1 tile event building.

On another note, I now have the goods I need to build inno tower, my master plan to take over the world has begun! Mwahahahahahaha!! >=D


Well that would be Jaims, my main. It will actually be easier to do this on other worlds as I have a HUGE cache of BA/IA/EMA goods on all other worlds I've played longer than a week.

I had to empty every last bit of goods from all ages to pull this off....and even then it was all 1:2


For most of the past 2 years I have played with the sounds off. On a whim I turned them back on... won't do that again in a hurry :( (although the sound made by the mad scientist lab sounds a bit like @Augustavian )


I am not sure to have understood what i have to do ...
but i tell you I have just posted my answer to the cross-words..:D


For most of the past 2 years I have played with the sounds off. On a whim I turned them back on... won't do that again in a hurry :( (although the sound made by the mad scientist lab sounds a bit like @Augustavian )
I find turning sound back on and then off again to be a better way of clearing that damned audio glitch that occasionally pops up while fighting and you hear a unit, usually a rogue, endlessly moving. You still hear it if you leave the sound on, but as I don't it hardly matters.


I've always had the sound effects on. Never bothered me.
Well what I meant was music, not ALL sound....I can see how my previous comment wouldn't make sense....how do you have sound effects if your sound is turned off? Derp.
How many Bandar Playgrounds do you have? I have 3 already, attempting to get other things. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't worthless on its own.
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