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Closed Week #8 2017-06-26

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How many Bandar Playgrounds do you have? I have 3 already, attempting to get other things. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't worthless on its own.
Well on Jaims, which is what I'm looking at right now, I have no duplicate pieces of anything, but I also only have 2 elephant pieces and 1 palace piece. I do however have a luau sitting in my inventory alongside my hedge maze....perhaps I'll finally be able to put them in my city when inno tower goes up.


Really, you get so many portraits with the current wheel. Almost everytime I spin I get something useless like a portait


Really, you get so many portraits with the current wheel. Almost everytime I spin I get something useless like a portait
I've gotten a ridiculous amount of portraits and worse, most, possibly all, have been female....that just compounds the rage of such a worthless prize to begin with, even if I was interested in changing my in game avatar, it would not be to a female avatar. :mad:


Do you guys have big screen PC's to watch all your world's wheels at the same time ... I watch 2 wheels and a movie.

I've gotten a ridiculous amount of portraits and worse, most, possibly all, have been female....
lol. ♩▼♩
I'm using an iPad while my two huge PC screens just sit around (for now).

I have won a Shrine of Inspiration. At 3x3, it seems very expensive. Any thoughts?


At first glance it looks awesome....woo! A shrine that gives blueprints when motivated! But those blueprints are for the age of the shrine, meaning it can never give you further ahead than your own age. I suppose they're useful to people with no grand plans for their GBs though.


Shrines of inspiration give BPs of their age and below.
They're not for everyone but.... they give decent coin especially when boosted with L6+ St Marks; at some point you will need more than one set of BPs so you can unlock levels 11+; they give decent points for your personal score. I put three down to store BPs for a few months - now I have lots of levels to open (of course I can also put down a Colosseum and then delete it about 15 times....)


With a wide range of friends and an equally wide range of buildings to polivate, you can get plenty of blueprints for whatever building you want more levels on, nevermind contributing to others GBs and getting BPs that way.


there is more than one way to skin a cat.... :) Worst case scenario - build it and sell it for the cash and supplies :)

And when I built Rain Forest - I deleted 2 and put one back into storage


Yea I deleted that post cuz I realized you were talking about the SoI not GBs


That's why you always read twice.

Edit: Not really, once is usually enough


Oh it WOULD be later today over in the land of tea and crumpets, seeing as over yonder it's 2am.

Amy Steele

Thanks for your patience folks :)

The time chosen for this week's competition was:
Which means we have a winner!
Congratulations @Augustavian who despite posting
I may just have to bow out of this one because....I don't see a use for a cookbook, I don't make anything special for meals....all I want is for my stomach to shut up.
becomes the first player to win outside of a double rollover! We will contact you to arrange delivery of your cookbook and also to confirm which Culture building you would like, and on which world.

All prizes are now reset. Look out for the next competition, starting shortly!


:lol: I'm far too broke to step outside of my boring meals I make now....that is unless the people running the two nationwide lottery jackpots FINALLY get around to picking the numbers on my ticket like they were supposed to have done years ago....and then I will make one of everything in that book and post a slideshow of them all. ;)
Not open for further replies.