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Closed Week #7 2017-06-19

Not open for further replies.


POST Point Of Sales Terminal
POST Power On Self Test
POST Program to Optimize Simulated Trajectories
POST Point of Service Test
POST Passive Optical Seeker Technique
POST Prototype Ocean Surveillance Terminal
POST Police Officer Standardized Training
POST Post Outage Study Team
POST Portable Optical Sensor Tester
POST Project Organizing Substitute Teachers
POST Pre-Odin Staging Tool (Operational Dependencies Information Network)
POST Portable Operational Support Terminal
POST Paranormalists of South Texas
POST Peninsula Open Space Trust (Menlo Park, CA)
POST Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Project
POST Physician Office Staff Training
POST Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (living will document)
POST Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (UK, ESRC)
POST Peace Officer Standards and Training
POST Police Officer Standards and Training


i have no room for any of the event buildings :(
which is a shame because a lot of work goes into designing them
They are useful buildings so when thinking how to find space, bear in mind that you can remove at lest one culture building, maybe remove a goods building, etc.

I know I can remone one of my farms without trouble.


when they eventually finish releasing new ages it would be nice to have a city with all the fab event buildings


A shark with an smg would kind of be overkill considering he could just bite you in half ;)
Not open for further replies.