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Closed Week #7 2017-06-19

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I don't know about Hagia...that has good happiness per tile and FP, and Hagia is what you'd want to pair with the Habitat so you should consider something else to make room for it.
On Notre Dame - I agree with @Augustavian - yes I built one but in hindsight - a piece of junk - so pulled it out. If it gets improved I have multiple BP sets to put it back in. Seriously considering trading in Hagia for Habitat... Can always rebuild Hagia also
I suppose it depends what you compare ND with. I have been comparing GBs with the alternate, standard, buildings. On supplies alone, it competes with the likes of the Alchemist and has happiness on top.

Is it right to compare it with GBs that I probably can't build for another 6 months? After all, if I don't get the best from my city now, that 6 months could turn into 10 months!


On supplies alone, it competes with the likes of the Alchemist
No, it doesn't. At level 10, ND has a supplies per tile per hour of 14, the alchemist is 30, and the alchemist is the weakest supplies building of the age of ND. Admittedly a level 10 ND handily beats the happiness of even the printer, clocking in at 162.5, but that's level 10, and if you plan on staying in HMA long enough for it to have any value, you might as well aim for a high end happiness GB.
I think we must be using different calculators! I also don't just look at the net output of a building but what that net output takes to produce. A GB does not need people. A production building needs not only the building itself but also extra space for the people (which gives coins from a standard building, to be factored in), and those people also need happiness space. That's quite apart from the fact that a GB can't be plundered, which is a greater or lesser factor.


ND supplies at level 10: 8157 every 24 hours minimum. 8157/24(number of tiles it occupies)/24(hours) = 14.16
The alchemist...you don't even need a calculator, it's 180 supplies for a 1 hour production, on 6 tiles = 30

The problem with cutting population is you also cut coin income, which is why I mean to build contemporary era's lotus temple along with innovation tower, happiness, coin, population and FPs. For EMA, lotus temples coin production at 10 is more than I could get with enough houses to cover all supplies and good production. You also need to remember the flipside of building normal buildings: They can be motivated and polished. One water pumping station of industrial age when polished gives 3400 happiness, takes 4 less tiles, costs -0- FP, and motivating a building makes it immune to plunder.


The crapitol has lousy population per tile and even worse supplies per tile. If you want a population GB, inno tower, in my opinion, is the clear winner because FPs, though habitat has better population per tile.


I tried to steer my guildmates from it but some have spent over 500fp levelling. Now they have reached PE they are telling me about 3x3 buildings with 1,000 pop.


If you want ND, that's your choice, but if you're ignoring what's said here about it....that's ignoring facts. We are of course talking about the FoE Notre Dame, not the actual cathedral, which has far more worth than in this game, and even other games it has far more worth.
Not open for further replies.