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Closed Week #3 2017-05-22

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Having a few RH's gives you the option to battle with 6 or 7 rogues in every GE encounter.
I can actually do that on account of unlocking 3 extra slots between the two of them, though as soon as one takes damage I have to shuffle in a regular unit. I tend to only go 4 rogues unless there's more artillery than that. More RHs would be most welcome though, I dream of a day when I have 22, like one guy I spotted looking at the top players. 22 rogue hideouts, minimum 44 attached rogues....I could cause some serious damage with that.


... 22 rogue hideouts, minimum 44 attached rogues....I could cause some serious damage with that.
Or ... you could have 9 RHs (with all spots unlocked) ... giving 45 rogues to play with ... using minimal floor space.
It's well worth unlocking 1 rogue at 150 diamonds ... although 3 unlocked rogues will cost you 183 diamonds each. ◑◐


Well if I did have 22 RHs, 47 rogues would be the minimum since I have 3 slots unlocked on my already owned 2, but how about unlocking all 5 on all 22? 110 attached rogues? Why yes I could roflstomp anyone or anything with that. :lol:


I have 6 fully unlocked RHs and rarely use unattached rogues for the GE (eventhough I have Alcatraz). Ever since that request for help in Level 4 GE (see below) I've tried 7 rogues in double battles with surprizing results. I also tried it on automatic (esp 1 HI + 7 rogues) with interesting results.

The automatic battler can certainly be your best friend and assistant when you need a helping hand to lighten the load ... sometimes the first battle, othertimes halfway thru (or just to finish a conclusive battle). The AI can be a bit lazy at times ... eg XBowmen might fire at close combat troops without moving away from them ... but getting the AI to work for you, is key.

Thanks for that. I did it eventually using 1 AA 7 Rogues and used the Auto button, just needed to move the AA out of the way.

I should imagine that you would go through many rogues quite quickly in GvG but my guild hasn't played any HMA GvG so I've only played a little on IA. ◐ ◑
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Gibberish is the name of the game in this thread(usually), because who doesn't like to confuse the hell out of everyone, while getting a chance at some good loot? ;)
Twas a brillig day and mine knight did snickle-snackle upon the foe
Alas! He did not thrust nor parry for long enough and died among the borrogroves.

Amy Steele

Hey folks! Forgot to set a closing time fir this week's competition :blush:so we'll make it 10pm tonight (Sunday 28th, UK time) :)


It's presently 7:30pm UK time ... leaving 2:30 hours to go ... happy hunting to one and all.

Thank you Amy. ◆
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