Closed Week #108 27/05/19

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Last ever post in What Time Is It?, and I miss the closing deadline:lol::lol::P

Thank you everyone :)for your friendships, and Thank You @Amy Steele for managing this thread, hope you have a full recovery:)and Thank You to @Dudettas, @Emberguard, @mathew0502 and @Lady Marlena for keeping this thread running during @Amy Steele's illness:) Thank You, I had a blast here, will miss it:(

Hope to see all of you, in the new competition:) Take care and good night:)

Turning off the lights:P:lol::lol:



I would like to thank you all very much for participating in this competition over the many weeks, the reason why this competition is closing is not that as some of you say your bad or there no moderator to run it, it is closing because nothing runs forever and the competition needed a change, which you will see very soon but it has been put pleasure running this competition for you so again thank you.

On that note, this week's winning time was 13:48 and the very two last winners, winning the prize of a Cultural Building from your Era are Selene the Savior 413 and Cursedveggie. Congratulations on winning the very last week of the competition.
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