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Closed Week #108 27/05/19

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Forum Ambassador
agree with that. or at least no losses.
Hi Cleverly:) how's your vacation so far?
I hope you're having a good time, and hopefully catch some wifi:P:lol:
Yeah...he thinks we're bankers, but we're more like loan sharks:lol::lol::P

Time to cut some grass:(later:rolleyes:
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Forum Ambassador
it's way past midnight here already. goodnight
Good night:)
Can you pop round and do my back garden as well? :D
Would love to:), except I don't think my extension cord can reach the other side of the Atlantic:rolleyes::P
You weren't even at home, and the grass still grew? :-o :D :D :D
They only grew when he's not around:P:lol:
I know, it's shocking :o
They're afraid of you:rolleyes:8-)

Time to shower, later
Tournament starts in 40 minutes:)
Not open for further replies.