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Warriors of the Sun - Wants You!


*** Please send all Guild Inquires to JetJet – Guild Leader

Hello and Welcome to The Warriors of the Sun where all members are treated fairly and helped through the ages to the best of our ability! We are an active guild in the top 50, have a developing Guild forum for communication and advisement and have a large percentage of members that play daily. Our guild leader is fair and friendly and always willing to help a member when they are having difficulties. New members are always welcome and low point levels are not frowned upon as in many of the other guilds. All that we ask is that our members stay Active and help out other members in the following ways.

• Visit member’s cities daily and Polish/Motivate. (We realize that everyone has real life to deal with…so just do your best and we will reward you by doing the same for you.)

• Always offer fair trades - 1:1 for same age/tier, 2:1 for lower to higher and 1:2 for higher to lower. Trading help is available in our forums if the concept of trading ratios is not your cup of tea. *Taking advantage of members in the market will be dealt with kindly at first and then with an axe :)

• Stay active (yes we said this before but this is very important) with a bare minimum of twice a week play and a maximum of every hour of your life :) . Activity will be tracked as inactive members bring the guild down and offer us no support. Inactive members will be given a fair chance to become more active but if inactivity persists you will meet our axe…and it's dull :)

- Our guild is set apart by our well defined Titles/Ranks in the guild that give members special privileges like time away without losing your place in the guild and extra duties if so desired. The Dukes and Duke Merchants are our top members followed by Knights/Knighted Merchants, Warriors/Merchants and New Recruits (all members start out as New Recruits and earn their Warrior title after gaining 0.500 points and showing there activity.)

…And if that still does not convince you to join us then we are not ashamed to bribe you with free VR cookies every Sunday… That’s right; every member gets free VR cookies! Who says your guild can’t be fun as well as supportive :)

~ JetJet – Guild Leader