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Forwarded: Visible world names


I cant believe nobody asked it before (just because it´s very simple) but: Be able to se the name of the world (or its lettle) somewhere, to know in which world you are (ofc, this is for people how play in many worlds xD).

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
Yes, i saw threads about new worlds.. change cities between them.... but not this..

Many people play in many worlds, and sometimes it´s crazy to know where you are. You have to check the GE to see the world name, or use different decorations in each world. But when you are collecting and doing expedition in 10 worlds, or events!!!, at the end you lost your head. OFC, if you play on PC, it´s not a problem, but it´s completely different in smartphone.
The best would be to have the same city loggin in PC-smartphone, but I think that is more difficult for developers and all of that, and a simple lettle could be simplier.

This could be solved with, at least, the lettle of the world in a visible place. For example at the top-left, I drew the lettle on the side, but I think the best place is between the city name and the ranking (so you can see the world and your rank together).

Visual Aids: something like that, or the full name.

Any. As much, you will have to move the rank-inhabitants, etc. a bit to the right. Or set the city name by the side.

Abuse Prevention:
I dont think so.



Yes, and I can, as I normally do, use fast notes to write the last world i have been...

But.. if you have a server with different worlds, is it so hard to help people to know in which they are?.
BTW, i didnt know about the city name hahaha. I have never tried to change it. But it´s sad you cant even have the name you really want to, because you need to useit for the world name xD


But, now that i´m doing GE in phone, I remember (i´m lying, I have never cared, so i have never pay attention xD) that you cant see the city name in the main city view, you have to go into the town hall. It´s faster than check the expe ranking but...