Victorious Guild now have 2 vacancies for regular players.

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    Mar 15, 2017
    We are still recruiting active players. 2 places still available for this round of recruitment. (Update 13/06/2018)

    Dear potential guild member,

    We are an active guild , looking to grow our power and influence.
    We welcome players of any level, there being no minimum requirements as it stands.
    We have a fair trade policy and are a friendly helpful guild.
    We only require that players play on a regular basis logging on at least once a week.
    We have 5FP,10FP & 20FP swap schemes in place to ensure fair and fast levelling of guild players Great Buildings.
    We also help each other trading goods for Great Buildings and missions and have a Quartermaster tasked to source hard to get goods.

    We encourage guild members to play GE's as it benefits both the guild and yourself.
    Currently we are level 31 and have 41 Gold, 26 Silver & 8 Bronze awards.(13/06/2018)

    More advanced and experienced players who would love to help smaller more junior members are also most welcome.

    Due to a much higher player joining us and being deliberately disruptive, we have had to change our recruitment policy from autojoin to application, so why not apply today and be part of our team, if you don't like us, you're free to leave at any time.