very succesfull launch guild Climate Change


Thursday April 1 the guild Climate Change had a very succesfull start on Noarsil. Sunday April 4 we went up 42 positions in the overal guild ranking. 31 members arrived in the first 3 days. We welcome new active members. On April 11 we went up 50 places in the overall guild ranking from 129 to 79 since we launched Guild versus Guild war in our great guild Climate Change. More new members have arrived, we are close to 50 members at 47 members at April 11. Heading for more.

What do we offer: You can expect a lively daily chat with all the other members. Between members you find a Fair Trade thread. No need any more to spent FP on getting the goods from neighbors or friends, guildtrade is free of Charge. Are you fed up with all the silent people in your guild? Then this is the day to join Climate Change guild. You can enter by autojoin or sent a pm to the founder bornempire.

We have members from Europe, USA and some Aussies, so 24/7 you can talk to other guild members. Very nice feature: we have a 'tips&tricks thread where you find tailor made advice on city development.

All new members get trusted status, you can start sieges if you are in for Guild versus Guild wars once you have the required attack bonus from Zeus, Aachen and Castel Del Monte.

Want to know more. Join today. You will love it if you are an active player.
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