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Very active player (me) Looking for a Guild!


I am a very active player and I am currently homeless. I am looking for an equally active guild!

I complete GE4 every week.

I am equally active in GBG, pushing as many fights as possible, with some negotiations thrown in if there are a few slower days.

These are my fights from last week,numbers obviously dependant on what SCs we have up and who are up against.

GBG contrib.png

I donate to the guild treasury, though not as much as I'd like since my city is still young. My plans for the new month is advancing to colonial and getting my Arc to level 80. Two big milestones! You can follow my progress and game philosophy on my blog:

Be warned, I chat. A lot. I am fine with using ingame threads, but a Discord server where we can share funny internet images, I believe they are called "memes", would be an added benefit!

I am a firm believer in 1.9 and not a huge fan of swap threads, though I do use the latter from time to time. An active 1.9 is one of the things I am looking for. Another is an active GBG with seasons where we set up sector swaps when possible and get SCs if guild treasury allows it.

If you are interested in having me, send me a message ingame or reply here.


After long negotiations, many exhausting conversations with numerous guild leaders and some jokes thrown around, I decided the best move will be to join NRV.

Who knew joining guilds can be so complicated! ;)