Vendettas Recruiting


Hey guys, Vendettas are a new Guild to FOE and we are hoping to expand and climb up the leaderboards. As of now we are recruiting anyone, even if they have 5 points. We are looking for trustworthy members as we need a few council members and a Head Of Council (If you request these places please post why). Please post below with your in-game nick for an invite


I will be perfectly honest. It's always good to see new guilds trying to go out, but at this point in arvahall, its quite pointless, seeing as how #1 and #2 are the major powers of this world. Feel free to try everything to grow, however, I am not stopping you. Just a little friendly warning.


this reminds me of the line "pick up the gun"
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user name michael1983 sign my up but i dont know how many points ive got