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-V- recruiting



Having spilt for our original Guild due to a single founder kicking players at random, we set up -V-. Unlike some Guild's we have 7 Founders all with equal rights; this means we vote on everything as a leadership group to ensure we manage the Guild for the benifit of the members not the leaders.

We currently have 3-5 inactive players who are likely to leave us shortly and we are after a number of like minded players to help support and take us to the next level; current sat ranked 23rd we hope to push into the top 20 in the next few weeks.

Anyway I wasn't going to write this like a sales pitch but what the hell.

GB building help
-We run a project where the lowest placed GB in the Guild gets help until its gone up a level.
-We run a separate project where members can join a team and add to one persons GB then the cycle moves on, meaning you get a big FP boost.

Motivation and Polishing
-We have a pact with another large Guild meaning there is a lot of Mot/Pol to be had, or do if you need the BP's

-We have a fair trade for goods policy

-We have some very knowledgeable members for help and support.
-We work as a team, and look to support ALL not the just leaders and bigger members

So do you:
-Want to be in a place where everyone is treated equal?
-Want help with your current or future GB's?
-Simply want a place to belong?
-Want to help newer/smaller ranked players?

Then drop myself or Dobbinio an email and we'll bring you on board.

Ideally we're looking for a couple players with 100k+ points and a few around the 50-100k mark; of course we'll chat to anyone with lower points who is active.