Duplicate: Using the Market


Master Corporal

Let me try to explain what bug did I find.

When using the market and you want to sell something it usually shows how many of these goods you have on the "Offer" bar. As you can see on the screenshot I have 26 Paper.


Now, if I want to continue using this amount (15 paper for 30 silk), usually it automatically keeps it in the text bars until I am out of those resources. That was until a few months when it actually started to remove the auto-text (the amount) 1 step before it is completely used.

For example if I click on those 15 Paper for 30 silk now, the auto-text will disappear. It doesn't matter if I left with 11 paper or with 15 but I noticed that if I had more paper (at least 2 times more than I wanna sell) - in that case that would be 30 and more, the auto text is still there.

Can you please practically check that and you will see what I mean. I guess whoever tried to make it auto-insert the next good on the list when you finished any other current good just screwd up a little bit this part of the market system.

Thank you.