Forwarded: Use GBG map colours when displaying ranking list

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In the guild ranking list in GBG, display the colours associated with each guild on the map.

Have you checked the forums for the same or similar idea

No - GBG is such a recent feature that I don't remember any relevant threads.

There is currently no display linking guild names and map colours. The only way to see which guild on the map is 'the yellow guild' is to click on their headquarters. When you have up to eight guilds on the map it's hard to remember which one holds which colour sectors while looking at the relative rankings.
For example, suppose the rankings tell me that the Mighty Munchkins are battling it out with Bright Panther for fourth place, and my own guild are lying fifth. The map shows me a big mass of dark blue where the top guild have grabbed all the centre sectors, but I'm not at all clear which of our other six opponents Bright Panther and the Mighty Munchkins may be and what they're up to.

I would suggest simply colouring the background to the ranking number displayed to the left of the guild name, i.e. displaying a coloured square at the start of each line of the guild ranking list corresponding to the colour used to represent the sectors held by that guild on the map. Your own guild would therefore always be shown with a grey square.
I don't suggest colouring the entire line, including the background to the guild name, because I think that would be too hard to read - the numbers are less important as the relative ranks are indicated by the order of display.

Visual Aids:
None, sorry.

Balance/Abuse Prevention:
This would provide extra information on the GBG screens, but I don't think that would affect the balance of playing the Guild Battlegrounds.

klods hans

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It's been suggested in the GBG feedback thread a few times. but good suggestions tend to get flooded in feedback threads and may not be carried on to dev's. Thanks for posting the idea here.

Guild names - and province names - should be clearly visible on the map too, so we don't have to click into the provinces to see the names.
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an easy add-on to GBG with 0 possible abuses
speaking about colors is more fun than <<Attack /guildname , Alliance with /guildname>>


+1 sounds good - color coding is always fast & easy to read!

someone make a poll to ban him from every idea please xD
You can only hope - of course that would make life a real ho-hum day - he enjoys every forum that inno has: the us server & every other inno server on Earth


so what if they do? how is that relevant to this idea?
It is relevant cause people hardly ever read or use the search function. If something comes up in their head they immediately turn it into a proposall just like this one. It makes the proposals section something you do not really have to take serious.

thats great that you can use your crystal ball to see what is coming next & when it gets here then hopefully it will be in its own thread & can be discussed there & not here
Not that hard.

Next thing someone will propose to change the colors to help the colorblind. Players will object to that, so the proposal will be adapted to a function you can turn off.