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Unformatted: Upgrades for military buildings

Do you think having upgrade able military buildings a good idea?

  • Yes but only if you could choose which attributes were upgraded

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Groovy Prof

Was just looking at the upgrades for special buildings and wondered why not have upgrades for military buildings?
Making military units veteran or elite
A one upgrade option for any military building, making it first level 2 veteran then a Level 3 making elite.
Each upgrade can boost unit stats by say 5% in the same way as any special building adds 5% attack or defence.
Or possibly you'd choose which attribute to increase, whether attack, defence, range or movement.
Or alternatively could just add 1 or 2 points to all the unit's attributes.
Army Unit.jpg

Obviously if you delete the building you lose any upgrades and bonuses.
Each unit already get's bonuses v various units, this would just give additional unit bonuses...
Also then gives the possibility of winning an upgrade in the tower tournaments as opposed to the victory tower....or if you do say 1000 battles in a particular era?
Would basically act as a special building with % bonus.
I suggest this as an option to spice up the military options, as opposed to having to create new special buildings for events and such.
It would be no different to getting an extra level on your statue of Zeus except it would only apply to the selected units produced from the specific military building.
I think it would allow for a modicum of tailoring, an interesting addition to your military capabilities and an alternative to the victory towers which, after awhile, your just selling in the antiques market anyway.
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Knight of ICE

FoE Team
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