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Do Not Suggest: Upgrade Event Hub


Have more synergy for completed event buildings instead of just a week's reward.

For each event completed or Event building that has upgrades applied, have the Even Hub gain a military bonus as a reward when those buildings are active.

So if a player completes the upcoming Fall event, maybe they get a 5% reward in Att/Def% for completing the event building, but if they also have last year's Harvest Barn completed, maybe that Fall wing of the Event Hub gives them an addition 5% Att/def. Programming wise, each wing would be an array with all buildings ever created for that season, they'd have an off/on flag for being active, a level indicator, the per level %bonus, and the overall bonus calculation. Not sure how it's currently calculated when buildings are collected from, maybe they're kept in a city grouping, then building grouping. This upgrade/update could be done by moving all event buildings into the Event Hub first for grouping.

Not too difficult programming-wise as I believe this to simply be an if/then type statement: If Harvest Barn exists, Event Hub Fall wing = (Havest Barn Level * 1.2%) + (New fall building level * .5%). Then the overall Event Hub Att/Def% = (Event Hub Fall wing + Event hub winter wing +....) This would go through each wing of the Event Hub to arrive at an overall bonus level for the Hub.

Event hub would also be more useful if in each wing it kept track of all related Event buildings and upgrades. So if you entered the event hub, choose the fall events wing, you'd see a list of all your Fall Event buildings that you have. Active or built and completed would show a green halo and any bonus they might provide, if you're missing an upgrade or two, maybe a yellow halo. If you had an upgrade in inventory, maybe a "+" would show next to the building with the yellow upgrade showing you have it in inventory.

Since every player has the same opportunity to build, earn, or store event buildings, gaining an attack/defense bonus would be evenly balanced. So someone in Iron Age would have the same att/def% bonus for 3 Spring Event buildings as someone in the Future would have. But those choosing not to participate or build said buildings are making a choice to not get the bonus, so the game remains balanced.