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Update to 1.99 Feedback

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Yes, the zoom isn't part of this update. Once it is you will be notified, so no need to mention it. We are waiting for any word, or changes on it, just like you.

PeePee Pleb

Will this update include the addional dealy to aborting quests, that has been introduced on Beta? Want to know, as that is a definite game killer for me.
I don't know for sure, but update notes for the update 1.199 were released before the additional delay in aborting quests was implemented on Beta version, so it will most likely come in the next update.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
This is a feedback thread for the 1.99 version update. Not a discussion thread for other popssible upcoming changes. Please stay on topc.


Master Corporal
why does it feel like thet server is on it's knees? whats going on with recurring quests? every 3rd abort the quest animation freezes, and the quests become unresponsive, are they really gonna completly kill a style of game that revolves around CF and recurring quests?
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Recurrents Delay: Complete game killer
3 worlds based on CF recurrents, i can bin them all

Clearly there is a double standard in this game
Is ok to cheat using Push accounts to have all gbs over level 120, is ok to use scripts to fight.

But IF ANYONE can get a little ahead using Legal game mechanics, that require a lot of time online, then it gets stopped!
And more likely those cheaters are the ones that complained about the recurrents, as their cheats weren´t being effective anymore.
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