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Update to 1.200 - Feedback


Lieutenant Colonel
Why is this such an issue, though? It's been like this for years. This is the reason people build CFs in the first place. Seriously, is Inno going to nerf the Arc next? It does create an endless number of FPs, after all.

You can't create a strategy game where you change the core rules after several years, after people have invested a lot of time and real-world money into a certain strategy.
Very true.


Lieutenant Colonel
Does anyone who's on beta know (and care to share with rest of us ;) ) what the change is going to be?
It was announced on "the place we dare not mention" yesterday - guess what - no feedback thread created, and I can't test it because my quests are stuck at the moment.


I wouldn't know - I don't have one.
I think players have just given up over there. No one has bothered to comment about it since it was announced (although there's no specific feedback thread for the update - mushrooms in the dark!)
Ah well. We'll just have to speculate for the next couple of days, then, and hopefully be surprised that it's something completely different. :D


Warrant Officer
Removing the zoom is nice.
Also don't understand why the map has to move under the production window. Just slow things down.
Could stay where I started (usually zoomed out) or jump to last place after I closed the window (as long as it doesn't take long)


great to see that zooms gone, now we can all save time. but im worried about the part inno said, "We have fixed an exploit that allowed players to generate endless coins and supplies."
is inno going to make a regulation in loop quest per day lol?? pls dont..
i tested on beta and now the speed is back to normal. (the speed i think is now super fast compared to this...)


Chief Warrant Officer
  • We have completed a number of improvements on Browser allowing for a high-resolution display on the campaign province view, on battles screens, as well as during Guild Versus Guild and Guild Battlegrounds screens.

Where was sold all that trees from GvG map? Now it looks tottaly empty. Please correct this.


Zooms gone and delay is gone on live too, so the last 2 "updates" have almost been reverted now.

Ok - I just cleared my quest list and clicked abort about 100 times - no limit found so far... hmm.

Inno, why not just tell us? Someone will work it out soon anyway. Why the secrecy?
See, by the sounds of the change, it might be that you have a set limit on quest completions, not quest aborts. As it was the completions that gave the materials. Aborts would make sense if they cared about the ranking points, but nothing in there was mentioning people farming the SAAB quest by aborting. What was mentioned was what actually comes out of doing the quests all day.

So my best guess is, we need to complete quests, until we reach this limit. We'll have to find out the new rules ourselves apparently


The yellow notification for "you advanced in the active quest" is now gone. I don't remember seeing any mention of this in the change log, but it's probably intentional—otherwise people would have already caught it on beta. ;)


Its only been the same way for eight years, must be wanting to mix it up a little and get us more involved so our strats adjust? :D
Honestly, that wouldn't be a bad thing in itself. But FoE is an extremely slow game. When it takes 3 years to get a GB up to a decent level, then you can't rebuild your city in a day or two.

. ICE .

Chief Warrant Officer
Fix GvG maps asap !!
The foliage has gone on all but the premium value sectors . This makes assessing power value far more difficult for the 3 other values per map . It will hinder tactical play with drops etc, and likely make costly errors occur , ie dropping value sectors by mistake.
Apart from this...it also now looks awful/ barren.