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Update to 1.198 -Feedback

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
Guys, stay on topic please. The zoom issue is not part of this update, so lets stick to what this update has to offer.


" Space Age: Asteroid Belt has a new updated battle-map tile! "

Whats that? can you elaborate or a provide a picture from beta?


Since this last update I now have a vertical scroll bar on the right of my screen (when not on Full Screen but Maximized). So if I want to go up or down on the page with my Mouse Wheel (an automatic reaction), I get Zoom In & Zoom Out! Hoping this can be reverted back to how it was before - Thanks.
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My first impression is also about those scroll bars - they are absolutely annoying. Please remove them. Old game window without scrolls was much, MUCH better.
And yes, I know this awful auto-zoom-in after multi-production start is not part of this update but I really hoped its removal would be. Alas, it is not removed yet...


The scroll bars that have appeared on desktop are absolutely hideous. As someone who uses their mouse scroll wheel 90% of the time it's making the game incredibly difficult to negotiate.

Why did anyone think this would be a good idea?


Yes, the display isn't really working. I can no longer see the entire frame of the game anymore, I can see either the tabs at the bottom or the fp bar (and other displays) at the top, not both at once. I also have those broken frames at the bottom as Emberguard is showing.
Firefox 78.7.1esr


I am fairly new player, thought it was great game, even worth spending money on. But with these last 2 modifications, the scroll bars and the zoom, It looks like I will have a rethink, they are absolutely horrendous ideas

klods hans

Scroll bar? I don't have that. I use the left mouse button (or arrow keys on keyboard) to move the map around. Scroll wheel zooms in and out. As it's always been. Nothing has changed (for me). That's on Edge browser.
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Thomas Covenent

I'm getting the gak-awful scroll bars when using the arrow keys on my keyboard to move about my city, and yes, it's beyond annoying as gak!
The auto-zoom after setting production is making the game down right unplayable.

Whatever clever git thought up this dumpster fire should be locked back in their broom closet - these are most definitely NOT quality of life improvements! :mad::mad::mad:
I play using Chrome, and have not had this issue with scroll bars at all. Wonder if maybe there was an update with your browser that could have caused this issue.