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Update to 1.193 - Feedback


I get the full messages on Android but the "Sorry, this message is no longer available" bug is more annoying than the cut off.

Blitz Epidemic

Warrant Officer
It's been months since you introduced L2 Hall of Fames and also months since I notified you that L2 Hall of Fames get aided LAST of all Hall of Fames you have in your city. I have 30 HoF in my city, all are the same age, 2 of them are L2, those 2 are always, always, always aided last. You'd think something like this would be simple to fix and added to an update...


Odd issue with the ZZ's hoping this update fixes more than the image of Z's. I'd been using some of my sleighs for event quests but finished with them today, left them not doing anything so I could align with the others. The 4 rows that I had been using had 3zs. I paid for the 5dia collect all and restart
noticed the ones just collected on collect all had 1z, when I pressed 24hr the ones with 3Zs didnt do anything or restart production and the ones with 1z did.
Now that I'm forced to use chrome & html5, I find the game is getting worst by the moment: Standard Cut & Paste short-cut keys don't work in the msg center now. What other screw-ups will I encounter now. Performance is an Old Dog - Sitting in his pile of crap.
It's the ctrl-a - the sect all use to work in the message center - when view msgs - I could click one of the message above, do a ctrl-a, ctrl-c to select & copy
Then I could go down to the msg typing area and press crlt-v to coping the msg and edit it. This worked well in the 90% club where we copy & paste all day long.

Anyway with the dog-slow performance now - it doesn't really matter - My time with the game is going down now

klods hans

I'm referring to using ctrl-a - not in the typing area but above in the msg viewing area.
View attachment 22262
True that. Ctrl-A doesn't work in a message that's already been posted. It only works in the message you're writing. But that's not new, is it?
You can right-click and choose "select all" or mark the text you want to copy, then Ctrl-C or right-click "copy".

An option to double-click or triple-click in a text to mark either a word or a sentence would be useful. Like it works in most text-editors, browsers and elsewhere (this forum, for instance).

Btw - if you use Ctrl-A on a message in this forum, you mark the whole page, not only the text in the message.
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Lord Grok

Master Corporal
There is a change on iOS in the way you do collections recently; you used to be able to collect multiple buildings after 100fp if you swiped quickly enough. I understand that this may have been altered to avoid a lag exploit that allowed far greater amounts to be collected before you needed to spend, but it has made the 100 limit more confining than it was. I preferred the convenience of the old way.

IMO the 100 limit should be much higher but now I’m off topic and entering oft-trod ground.. if I was really cynical I’d think it’s not a coincidence that this was “fixed” at the same time as putting out a feature for collect all on mobile..
The change in zoom size while I am scrolling over buildings while collection coins, and the change in zoom size while I am examining the overall territory both are extremely annoying and I want to see a way to set the zoom size so it stays at the size I select until I want to change it. I use a trackball [Orbit] and not a mouse and this inability to keep the zoom size fixed until I want to change it makes the game difficult to play.