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Update Update to 1.183 Feedback


So what your saying is if we log in through there, we can experience our cities looking better for just under a week before their outside is ruined forever? :)


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I used to love how the tavern bridged the river, it looked kinda cool. Now? Well now, not so much. I am not sure why you chose to use the Industrial Age Tavern, with that age having some of the least visually attractive buildings in the entire game. The Harbour area with all the other stuff clustered close to it, just make it a very cluttered area now. I guess it puts everything in one place but how hard was it really to zip around the off grid part of a city? It's not really MORE functional, but it really IS less attractive. I have had to give up so much of what makes my city pretty to make it more efficient, can't we at least have a nicer looking tavern? I don't mind if it looks old, but it should be more visually appealing.

I suppose you have at least rescued the poor fish that has been jumping in the trees for many years and whose unseen puddle must have been getting smaller and smaller...
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No idea how this visual change got approved. Did they have any sort of discussion about this before releasing? I'm finding it very hard to believe anybody thought this was a good idea.

Literally just a bunch of mismatched buildings clumped together. Scrolling round from the space port every single of one them is pointing in completely different directions. Probably made worse by them all being created at various times over the years but whoever is behind this visual change should be very embarrassed over the appalling quality of their work.

I think for this to have been pulled off as an improvement most of the buildings moved should have had an era related new design and something to tie the little cluster together. Just no consistency with any part of it.


Tbh I'd not mind the changes if they just gave us our old Tavern back and its placement back, imagine if you had a tall building there, I wonder what that'd look like with it overlapping, lol


As I said earlier I actually like how everything is grouped together and it provides a great overwiev of all buildings ( number of tavern visitors, CS exclamation mark and AD timer) at one glance. But what did you do with our taverns?? Why do they look like factories?
Screenshot_20200725-202257_Forge of Empires.jpg

Edit : I just saw my IA city and harbor and tavern are having the same IA look, same for LMA city wh that is they have middle aged styled theme. So I assume they didn't have enough time yet to create artwork for eras past Industrial, but why releasing something which is half done?
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Yeah, I do find it kinda funny how the Tavern went back in time for future age cities. At least the Inda Tavern before the change still looked like a tavern. Now we stuck with this factory that people visit in all ages above Inda. x3


One good thing, now these are all way away from my townhall I hardly need to look at them as they're out of view unless I'm collecting my gbs. Not using any of them apart from gbg and AD and I'd say I was checking AD a lot less.

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I'm sorry though the graphics are beautiful there are just too many buildings now crowded all around the same area especially for those in SAM. Even my 10 year old son commented that there was a dock with nothing and the one building looks like it was from the start of the game vs the era I was in. I don't mind new content if it adds something new and nice to the game but all it did was make things cluttered and now I keep clicking on the wrong part of the screen when I want to enter my settlement. I miss my old dock and little boat. I have to turn the animations off as it slows down my computer and I get the game popup and really miss being able to turn on music and animations because they are so well done.