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  1. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013
    then give 6 for every completed settlement :rolleyes:

    players who completed in time deserve them

    and players who completed settlements but not in fastest time deserve a reward for playing it slowly and not abusing the loophole which gave 25 FP in less than every 30 hours

    because it is always better to give players more than they actually earned then giving players less
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  2. karok

    karok Private

    Nov 23, 2016
    If the developers do not know what is mathematics, then maybe it is better for them to ask someone who knows primary school mathematics!
    It is so simple to calculate this: (number of runestone fragment which a player have in total)*15/9
    This is the number of fragments everyone should have after the update, not like the kindergarten give everyone 3 to make everyone happy.

    and also you didn't answer my second problem :(
  3. Emberguard

    Emberguard FoE Team Senior Forum Moderator

    Nov 20, 2017
    6 was increased to 9 (+3)
    2 increased to 4 (+2)
    1 increased to 2 (+1)

    Inno gave +3 per settlement completed regardless of whether it was in time or not. Am I missing anything here as to how anyone is out of pocket?
  4. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013
    Inno gave +3

    so for already finished settlements it is
    9 was increased to 12 (+3)
    3 was increased to 6 (+3)
    1 was increased to 4 (+3)
    0 was increased to 3 (+3)
    (it is not possible to get 6 or 2 in the old ones. and +2 and +1 is also wrong. because Inno gave for all +3)

    so the points you are missing only the 2nd line is correct: 3 old are 6 new
    in the first line players got too less and in the 2 remaining to much

    so how am I out of pocket ?
    I got too less fragments and can't do the 25 FP loop when I am finished with completing settlements
  5. Emberguard

    Emberguard FoE Team Senior Forum Moderator

    Nov 20, 2017
    Problem is while the bottom two times are multiples of 2 the top one is a multiple of 3.

    So it’d be impossible to know exact numbers of settlements completed under what times. You’d have two possible answers for each user unless they’ve got the top reward every time. Best case scenario is assume everyone got the best possible results (which they did by adding +3 for every settlement completed)

    As to your second problem
    thankyou for the feedback that’s something to be passed onto the devs :)

    I hope you manage to get those fragments even with the change.
  6. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013
    actually the top one is multiply by 1.67

    15 now compared to 9 old is 1.67 times not 3 times

    (or if you take 9 compared to 6 it is 1.5 times)

    actually they assumed the average finish time was the 2nd time
    only for that the correct amount of +3

    if Inno would assume everyone did it in fastest time they would have given +6
  7. Emberguard

    Emberguard FoE Team Senior Forum Moderator

    Nov 20, 2017
    This is what I was basing my sums off. The base rates increase seperate from what we got in addition as the addition would have been the difference between old and new. I didn’t look at what the numbers were prior to the update, but the current times for starting a new settlement are definitely matching what the announcement said (9, 4, 2)

    Edit: Ok now I see where my calculations are off. I was calculating off the fastest time only when I should have added them all up for each settlement. My apologies you're right it is short for those that completed fastest time every time @Test Ament
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  8. weeeben

    weeeben Brigadier-General

    Dec 31, 2018
    Old willow is talking to me, can't understand what but it's freaky.
    Didn't like the change in format when I got to what I thought was the last stage, I really don't like the change
  9. Test Ament

    Test Ament Overlord

    Aug 8, 2013
    at least InnoGames could start a new nation with those changes

    so players who are finished and will not be able to do FP-looping could start that
  10. Emberguard

    Emberguard FoE Team Senior Forum Moderator

    Nov 20, 2017
    Is it saying “build me”? :D
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  11. weeeben

    weeeben Brigadier-General

    Dec 31, 2018
    no it's some kind of satanic verse, when you click on them they speak, it never used to happen.
    the other one is the shrine, when you action it to produce, a whispering witch speaks but it's also not understandable.
    but the old willow is much clearer.
    It's a dev' that has satanic fantasies doing it, like their own secret thing within the game.


    Jan 17, 2013
    A lot has been adjusted yet you can find a lot of references from quests that requires to gain 666 happiness and population e.g. "Madman's Message" till buildings that requires 666 population e.g. "Business center" and "Toy factory".

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  13. Vividgraylen

    Vividgraylen Private

    Jan 1, 2017
    So if Virgo is no longer available against players - why on earth would you waste the space on it. #deadGB
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    AJDOVSCINA Private

    Jan 4, 2019
    If I can suggest something for mobile version.

    When I move my mouse over my GB on the Browser version, it show me how long till the products of that GB are finished (I.E. how long I need to wait to collect my FP for example)

    Mobile version, does not have that option, and there is no way to see how long till that specific GB is finished with its production.

    Could you make it so that when I click on Overview, it shows the time till its finished? Mobile version only, since Browser version already has that, when you hover over it with your mouse.

    Example of what I'm talking about:
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  15. KDS-33

    KDS-33 Corporal

    Sep 5, 2015
    The changes done can understand, however - it is annoying to have changes be adapted to a sequence underway. At least you could have let players complete the present level they are working on before just dumping the changes in-between.
    I had planned for 1200 motivation for example, only to figure that I can trash half and build the goods buildings instead. Wasn't a good move to change this while working on a level.
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  16. Pandrix

    Pandrix Private

    Nov 4, 2018
    Please will you put the cool cooldown timers on the GB on the mobile platform .Thanks
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  17. zhamdaan

    zhamdaan Private

    Jun 4, 2019
    Please fix this spelling error of love in a quest

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  18. Vangerltd

    Vangerltd Private

    Apr 17, 2019
    My 2 greater runestones was proof of finishing all settlements with all time bonuses.
    Now I dont have a chance to get full set of 3 GR, because I cant play it in easy (=more time) mode.
    Good lesson to not start Egypt and Japan settlement until half year and few patches pass.
    I not asked to be beta tester, that why I not playing on beta server.
    At least Yggdrasill still unique and fresh players will not be able to get 2 or 3 trees.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    It's a hit below the belt for majority of players.
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  20. Sandalwoods

    Sandalwoods Private

    Jun 12, 2019
    The changes seem to be good.... Pity they happened when I was near to finishing my Viking settlement. Because of these changes I was not able to finish in silver. Disappointing and irritating timing