Update Update to 1.120


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Hey all,

Use this thread for any questions and comments on the upcoming update to 1.120. Check out the full list of changes here.


Richard & Team


"Daily Challenges will no longer be generated with higher coin payment conditions than the coins the challenge itself rewards."

That's great. Cheers.


Thanks for adding a cap to the Daily Challenge coin payments. Hopefully, it has been done for the supplies too.
There are still things to tweak in DCs (like the 8-hour production quests), but one step at the time.
The Tavern's icon has been enlarged. A good thing too in my opinion (On a small laptop, I play with my city zoomed out).
However, one problem has popped in : the shadow behind the silver income (in the Tavern's window) has gone, making it difficult to read the numbers (see the screenshot included in my post, where they are written in white and green on a golden tray). Also, the collecting animation behaves somewhat awkwardly.
Battlefield wise, I got used to units no longer having outlines. But some of them (long ranged ones in particular) still tend to get out of their hexes when attacking.
With that said, as always, keep the good work !


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Thanks for pushing the HoF closer to the top of the queue for aiding. Appreciated.

Will this then also be true for the new addition of the App version of the game when it comes out?



All the windows and icons in the mobile app seem to have got bigger, which reduces the screen space left for the actual city squeezed in the middle!
It's a particular nuisance not to be able to see the FP bar when dealing with swap threads now that the message centre occupies the whole screen (but doesn't actually display any more threads than the handful shown previously...)


The battle screen is also displayed at a larger scale, which means it is no longer possible to get an overview of the entire battlefield at once - enemy units can lurk invisibly off the bottom of the screen. And the new large icons on the main city screen make it difficult to spot any incidents occurring on the sea/beaches, which being around the edge are now mostly covered up. You have to scroll carefully and peer through the gaps between.
Not a user-friendly change.


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Vesiger, can you open a thread on the bugs forum for this? We've had a couple of similar reports, and I'd like to investigate it.