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Update to 0.10.0


Dear Kings and Queens,

For last few weeks we have been working really hard on making the game more stable, and also increasing its performance. In parallel we have also been working on some bigger and smaller features that we will implement with our 0.10.0 update.

The updates are planned for next week. Please do not ask for an exact date, I will inform you beforehand.


Guild Administration and Guild Forums
A first version of our Guild administration and our Guild forums will go live. Invite friends from the world you are playing on to join your guild. In the Guild forums you will be able to discuss plan and plot with your fellow guilders. Please note that we will add to this feature in the future, as we plan to allow trade within the guild to be free (no forge point costs). An option to fight on the battlefield together is also something we want to work on in the future.

Guild bar
Your guild will be visible in the neighbourhood bar, simply toggle between the guild and the neighborhood members at your leisure.

Global Ranking
Are you first in your neighbourhood, and you require more competition? You will now be be able to see the player's points from your entire world in the new Global Ranking system, and get the possibility to compete against extremely skilled player for the top world ranks. (Supporting and attacking via the global ranking is disabled for now.)

There are three available ranking views
  • Player - Top players by points
  • Guild - Top guilds by combined player points
  • Medals - Top medal collectors, winners of tournaments

New points calculation
The current point system has been overhauled. The points now consider more factors then simply resources collected. The new point system will be calculated by adding points from: buildings built, battles, and supplies collected. The existing points you earned will be recalculated with the update, so your rank may change.

New point Calculation:
  • Supplies + Coins pickup / 300
  • Battle points / 50
  • Each building gives building points

Old point calculation:
  • Supplies + Coins pickup = Points

Upgrade Roads
We know you are sick of changing roads, deleting one by one and then replacing. Well we made it easier, now take the new road and simply drag it over the old road to replace it.

E-mail and Password change
There is now a little settings button(small cogs), located in the bottom left corner. Clicking it will bring you to the menu where you can edit and change your e-mail and password.

Smaller changes and features
  • Message directly to player from the Trade menu.
  • Global Ranking and Medals are now visible in the top bar.
  • Building Tools have been moved. When you open the building menu, the tools will appear under the Forge Points.
  • Multiplayer now has its own menu button, which is located to where the "Tools" were before. Here you can access Guilds and Global Ranking.
  • We no longer display the idle state icon for Military buildings when full.
  • The "Gather All" Premium feature price was lowered from 15 to 10 Diamonds.

In a next update we will be changing how Neighbourhood Activity works. Active players will be pooled together into active neighbourhoods every 1 to 2 weeks. This will help the activity in our current trading feature, as Neighbourhoods mostly will consist of active players. We will also be adding the free trade between guild members in the future.

Thank you for all your support and suggestions.

Please post your comments and questions about the changelog here.


The Forge of Empires Team
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