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Update 1.214 Feedback


Master Corporal
what Inno has done with this "Heal all" button, before our wonderful mod tells us that it's our fault again is, that the "bot users" will just reprogram their bots, to find the new okay button, while the normal players who do not cheat, are even at a bigger disadvantage vs bot users then before, because the normal players are now crippled by habit of searching and clicking for the ok button where the heal all button is, and crippled by removing our ability to align the sectors with the okay / attack button like we were able to do for years and years... is this a lame attempt of Inno's solution to bot users? we can not align the attack and okay button anymore, which was something that gave us the ability to counter bot users, and something that was considered okay and normal, it's like Inno is intent on losing all the high end players in the game, more and more players are quitting after every update ! stop ruining the game with stupid updates, and instead start focusing on creating some end game content so that playing the game would have a purpose, as in it's current form, there is no purpose for new players to even start playing the game, because it is well known and visible that Inno cares only about bringing in new players and emptying their pockets for the first 6 months, after which these players all become irrelevant in Inno's eyes, I already gave a 1 start on the App store to Inno for previous stupid updates, I suggest that every FoE player does the same, and that we heavily spam negative comments on the app store, as the CM and Mod community is working against us, and is doing a bad job at providing proper feedback to the developers of what the community thinks and wants!


Totally agree, the heal button and where it is placed has to be one of the worst modifications that has been made. Not only does it make the users experience more clunky when playing this game there is a good chance it will cost diamonds for good measure. Maybe we just turn the diamond warning button on when we are fighting in Gvg or a Gbg race. Really!
If Forge of Empires are struggling to cope with Gvg requirements due to the nature of the games design just let us know.


if INNO so badly wants to implant the heal all thingy, than rather change the position there is. WHY PUT IN THE DIRECT SPOT WHERE THERE SHOULD BE "OK"????
There are plently of spots to put the heal icon in the battle screen. and inno chose the most important icon's place??


Did this patch stealth nerf the available build slots in GBG? On a map right now with only 2 zones in the middle with three slots available, there is about 50% Less build slots over the entire map as usual


Whisper gone. A heal all button designed to hit by mistake. Ghastly and horrible new sector attack and no go markers and chat against a light background that is more difficult to see. And these are supposed to be improvements. Give me a break! If it works mess with it. If it doesn't work do nothing about it seems to be the motto of the developers. Pathetic!


Pop-up is enabled by default, so if you do not get it you only have yourself to blame, but like Emberguard says, only Support can answer that.
What a lot of hooey. So choice one: no pop up and inadvertently spend diamonds! Choice two. deal with yet more utterly unnecessary pop ups and clicks as if there were not already enough in this game! How about choice 3 Inno gets real and just moves the thing!
Good grief, the new tags in the GBG are horrible. There was nothing wrong with the old ones.

And now that the GBG is active we'll see more clearly than ever the different speed at which those using bots can fight, compared to the rest of us having to navigate to avoid the heal all button.

What a cluster. Unroll this mess please.
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Babu Frik

Chief Warrant Officer
Problem is, that FOE "wants" to be pure app game and developers bringing app graphics to PC version.

Do you remember Win 8? Yeah no one buyed it, so Inno, if you change th PC version of FOE, please test it, or at least open that FOE and check it out how its look like, before it goes live....this new GbG tags are like we would play 30y old game....
Inno continues to violate each and every rule of good GUI design for the sole purpose of gaining a few extra euros from players accidentally clicking "heal all". If you need more money from us, state it clearly and honestly and let us decide whether or not we like the game enough to give you more money, but don't try to sneak your way into our purses, please.
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Master Corporal
Inno is intent on losing all it's end game players :) I dunno who and why in sane mind, would call any of these changes improvements, what the hell is wrong with the old attack and stop markers? almost 2 years of GBG, we have a habbit of reading the old markers, and now you do a cartoon like hand drawn marker? dear god -.- undo this entire update please !! now! are mods forwarding this feedback? I doubt it, if they were, this update would never go pass beta
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hello, yes:

nobody asked for heal all
nobody likes heal all
nobody wants heal all

1) slows down fighting (GvG, GbG, etc) because you have to slow down and avoid clicking the "spend useless diamond" button instead of the "ok" button
2) why on earth would we want to heal all units when 7/8 units are always rogues anyway for the majority of battles? if i use diamonds to rez' a unit it's because i was using advance age and that's only 1, not 8
3) i'm going to give the benefit of the doubt and assume this WASNT an intentional change designed to make people accidentally waste diamonds while battling quickly

please remove heal all, thank you


Master Corporal
I dunno if i'm allowed to post a screenshot or not, these forum and Inno rules are not very clear ... but I have to say really, that the design on Global chat is brutal!! brown text, on a yellow background (sacrasm)... and the best part of it is the "You have to wait 2 seconds between sending messages" which is Pink color on a yellow background ... Inno, who does your UI design? fire him instantly


I find is hilarious, that again, for the umpteenth time in recent FOE history - that the game would be better off without the recent update.

They keep doing this. So many eight year long players have left. Soon they are going to run out of players that are saying they want to quit, due to everyone just having left.

Less build slots combined with a child's drawings for markers in GBG, colour schemes still badly designed, moved heal button which again, another update that NO ONE was asking for in which they don't care if you spend diamonds or not, they won't give it back. And the lag, which I wish they'd fix, I wish you can back to back aid people without seeing a sword and shield in the middle, or do things without delay. I Know its possible, sometimes my actual game lags out, and I am able to aid everyone at once with no wait time.