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Update 1.201 Feedback


woops :D
2000 quest aborts total?
In OF I need to abort 7 quests to get back to the desired quest (for example, gathering coins while collecting), while someone in SAM needs to abort 11 quests to get back to their quests. If it really is 2000 quest aborts total and not for each quest, then that limits the usefulness of CF with each age a player moves up.
I don't do that many quests, but I don't consider this fair.
Aside from that, a change like this after so many years and after people invested time, effort and money to level their CFs is ridiculous.
If players enjoy manually clicking through the quests, it's their business. Inno should focus on players using using auto-clickers and not punish the real players.


Surely that's daily limit and that's fine. Unless you have no actual life or a bot running it for you no average player will get there on a daily basis. If it's stopping the ridiculous numbers of 5k or 10k fights a day by aborting the SAAB RQs after defeating the army I'm ok with that.
I reached 2k within 30 minutes +/- just by the 200/150 fp reccuring quests + gather coins+resources in saab...took me 5 first places in gb (70-100 lvl) ...while i rearly do them on a daily basis, keep in mind that Venus is on the way and many will want to gather the needed goods at least for the techtree) and 30 minutes (5 gbs)/a day before we're blocked is kind of overkill


Surely that's daily limit and that's fine. Unless you have no actual life or a bot running it for you no average player will get there on a daily basis.
But you shouldn't set a limit based on what the average player can do. That punishes the exceptional player.
Heavy questing has been an acceptable strategy in this game at least since Cosmic Raven published his HQ guide 5 years ago.
Like any other viable strategy in this strategy game, some players have focused heavily on heavy questing, and invested in CF and other GBs to make it work. It's unreasonable to nerf their efforts now. These players are quite capable of hitting the limit, and they are.

Inno, please, don't treat die hard fanatics of this game that are willing to click, click, click as if they were bots. They are not. They are exceptional players that you probably want to keep, not alienate.


I must be slow today. :D I've only reached this limit a while ago.

Okay, so here's the feedback on the limit. At the beginning of the game, several years ago, I made a choice between CF and Arc. I went with CF, put a lot of FPs, time, and money into it. Now it's been nerfed. Had I gone the Arc route, and leveled that to extreme levels, I would not be facing any nerfs now, even though the Arc can generate a lot more FPs at those insanely high levels. If the amount of FPs is a problem, then why only punish a subset of players? In fact, only punish the subset of players that generate fewer FPs. Or is nerfing the Arc on the todo list for next week?