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Spoiler Upcoming significant nerf ro Recurring Quests

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I still think we shouldn't add rating the game on the app stores into our story. The only thing it would do is make potential new FoE players collateral damage.
What should we do? They are causing damage to us and they don't care. Not even enough decency to put this change into announcement... This has become so sad to watch
Well they’d have to get rid of the unbirthday thing as well. that is a good one for CF spam
They did get rid of that in SAAB but added a bunch of even more exploitable recurring quests - namely the ones where you can do a fight and then abort it and do it again - you don't get rewards but you get the ranking points, fight count, and pvp tower points (come to think that was probably what the PVP Arena idea was trying to mask while getting rid of the towers, crazy tower scores in SAAB because they'd always rather mask a problem than address it.)

Someone actually did the math, one abuser on our server was getting over 600 fights per hour or something like that, more than 10 per minute. Still others can go ahead and actually complete the quest legitimately a few times per day for actual rewards, more like it's meant to be used. You actually have to trade some goods or win 6-12 fights to complete the other battle based recurring quests. Let's not leave out spend 150 fps and spend 200 fps in SAAB, which everyone can hit a few times a day just taking 1.9 spots on GB's.

Other's have made great points about better solutions - cap the number of times it can be repeated per hour/day/week (how much is abuse? 50 times? 100? pick a number!), but that requires more programming than simply making everyone wait an extra 2 seconds. A delay does nothing to the actual abusers it's aimed at, those somehow doing hundreds of fights or rewards per day through the loop quests will carry on with slightly less infinite quest rewards, but the delay annoys everyone who wasn't doing that.
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I found one upside to this change. For people with bad ping, it evens out the playfield on RQ aborts. After the change, my speed of doing RQs didn't slow down at all. It was the same slow before...

As for the message above, @Ariana Erosaire its impossible to do more than 10 fights per minute from RQs, no matter bot or human. You cant abort 12 quests and do 2 fights in 10 seconds

rick of shaw

I find it incredible that ranking points mean so much to some players that they will get up to all kinds of stuff to get them. They should focus more on getting a real life instead. Do em a world of good. I had no idea what an auto clicker was before this thread. Oh well.


Maybe InnoGames should have a look at the Update 1.125 (April 28, 2018):

  • In response to player feedback, we looked into options for speeding up the cancelling of quests, which should be a bit faster now.

I wonder when we will have to donate in 10fp packages again....

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FoE Team
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Locking this one. Posts in this thread will not result to anything and it is no longer a spoiler. Anything you have too say on the subject you can now do in the feedback thread. Those comments will be forwarded. Comments in this thread not.
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