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Hi..first I need to say that i realy like this game and I spend so much time in it by fighting,polishing/motivating,helping guild members with trades etc...but I had a little problem lately. Admins deleted my lvl 8 Statue of Zeus. Some player contacted me and said that he will contribute all his Forge Points into my great building,but I need to contribute in his too,but in diffrent world. The problem is that I didnt know that that is forbiden and after two days admins deleted great buildng which that player invested FP`s...he invested only small number of forge points (already was lvl 8) but admins deleted entire building...I know that is my fault cuz I didnt read rules before, but Im feeling so dissapointed now,cuz I had very good bonus for fighting...and I cant start building that GB again from the beginning...I dont know what to do,I even think to stop playing,but Im sory to quit now when I spent so much time and energy playing...thanks and cheers



Why you cannot build another one again? Do u have any blueprints.


I have sympathy for those just starting out in life and learning that actions have consequences. The consequences of breaking rules, along with the rules themselves, are available for viewing in this forum. Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. Thank you for posting your experience as it will help others to learn from your mistakes.