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Unfair attacks


I am sick and tired of a "smart" guy, who is attacking and plunder my city everyday using an army from the next era! What on earth is going on? How and why are you allowing this situation?

Enough is enough! I am really pissed off and I am thinking seriously to delete my city and my account!


You should try to collect your productions on time, getting attacked does not harm you if they cannot plunder. If that is too difficult there is always 24 hour productions. If you don't want to be attacked at all there is the city shield.


Being attacked is part of the game, I'm afraid.
Not only is this a strategy game, so attacks are to be expected, but it's also a city management game. You need to manage your city so that it's profitable to you and not attackers.

Here are some tips:
  • Experiment with your defence troops, try different combinations. There's no such thing as a perfect defence combination, but it is possible to repel attacks from a player above your age.

  • Use defence boosts from the tavern too.

  • Collect your productions on time and manage your collection times to fit your schedule. If you're just about to go to bed, school, work or whatever, don't put a 4 hour production on, for example, because you're not going to collect it on time.

  • Get a Temple of Relics and do Guild Expeditions. You'll eventually end up with a nice collection of Ritual Flames to boost your defence a little more.

  • Reduce your need for a lot of plunderable good, coin and supply buildings by building Great Buildings that provide them instead. For example the Habitat gives excellent population and coin, removing your need to build houses.

  • Diplomacy is always an option. Have a nice chat with the player. For example, ask for some tips. I've stopped plundering neighbours who asked me for advice on better defence and so forth. One even asked me to attack him to test his new defence.

  • You could also send a friend request. Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't.

  • Calm down, it's just a game. Those things that you're having plundered? They're just made-up pixels. Nothing worth getting upset over.


Thank you guys for your answers. All these you said is my daily practice the four years I am playing the game.

By the other hand, it still unfair to allow people from different ages to be in the same neighborhood. That gives an unfair advantage that isn't manable.

Anyway, as you said it just a pixels. But in an unfair world I was hoping for some fair pixels! ;)

This is why I choose to play the game... but it seems that is exact the same like the real world! Pitty! :(


  • Diplomacy is always an option.
and that starts with a simple aid

I aid all back who aid me
and then I still have 50 neighbors left to plunder :o

and then they wonder why they are plundered :lol:

You could also send a friend request. Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't.
I had such a clown as neighbor
never aided me but send me a friend request.

why should somebody ever accept such an invite ?
to have a lazy person who does nothing waste a place in the friend list


I always friend them & watch their behaviour. If they are active they stay otherwise they go.


Another option is to do the exact opposite of leaving nothing out. Leave smaller portions out. Plunderer can only take once per 24 hrs. So if you know they'll take regardless you can reduce losses by using 2 8-hr lots instead of one 24-hr lot on the things most likely to be plundered.


End of the day, if being plundered effects your game you must be playing it wrong.
So someone plunders some goods, it's not as if you had to make those goods yourself, they come free as part of the game, infact everything comes free and all it took was time, which you probably spent that time in bed so what's the problem, it's the game.

Now with Himeji Castle it means more people will attack for the spoils of war, if there's some bonus goodies to plunder then that's also part of the game, you don't complain when playing monolopy when you land on someones hotel and have to pay up, it's just part of the game, if someone leaves the game because of being plundered then that's a win, one less player to compete with.


It is not nice being plundered I realize that very well.
On the other side some develop their city and GB’s purely militairy style.
This means less room for productions of any kind and less fp’s to spend as they prefered the military way.
This has pros and cons.

Pros outweighs the cons as far as I am concerned.
Developing this way means you are strong, assertive and yes it makes it possible to plunder neighbors daily.
This is very needed too because as said by the direction choosen we need our extra resources.

We simply can’t compare these ethics by how one would be in real life.
And believe me I developed a thick skin to put up with all the nasty assumptions I receive from angry neighbors who think they are entitled to write me abusive texts.
This game encourages and makes it possible to plunder (plunder gb’s beyond others).
There is more than one very good reason for this.

An example would be to encourage people to log daily and collect in time.
Which game platform wouldn’t want regular involvement from their players base?

Edit: By following the main storyline as fast as you can you can gain yourself units way ahead from the era you are actually in.
You can use these in your defense as well and that is also fair simply because you can and earned them.
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