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New Content Uceria Grand Opening!


FoE Team
Community Manager
The adventure starts now! Forge Fans, we're delighted to welcome you to Uceria!

To spice things up, we prepared in-game contests. If you're already joining the race in the new world and intend to participate in PvP activities, Age progression, and complete a Settlement or two, you might as well win some extra rewards for it!

Don't worry if you want to take it easy -- we've got you covered with our creative contests!

See the info below to find out what you need to do, when, and which rewards you can score for your efforts!

All the competitions end on October 20th!

In-game contests

This time, we want to base the in-game contests on the existing achievements in Forge. The rules are super simple: be the first in the whole new world to complete an achievement, and be rewarded something extra from us, along with the achievement itself!

These contests start today! The first player to complete any achievement from the table below wins the reward.

We will check the new worlds every week until October 20th to find new winners. We will give the first player who completes an achievement a shoutout in this thread and contact them directly to send the reward.

Progression and development

Forward to the Future 1Reach Late Middle Ages3,000 Diamonds
Forward to the Future 2Reach Postmodern Era5,000 Diamonds
That's a Great Building!Have 5 Great Buildings
  • Blueprint set of choice up to your Age (but not an Arc)
  • 200 Forge Points
Friend of the VikingsFinish 1 Viking Settlement2,000 Diamonds
The Last SamuraiFinish 1 Feudal Japanese Settlement2,000 Diamonds
Friend of the PharaohFinish 1 Ancient Egyptian Settlement2,000 Diamonds
Splendid EmpireFinish 1 Mughal Empire Settlement3,000 Diamonds
A New WorldFinish 1 Aztec Settlement4,000 Diamonds

PvP and GE

Victory!Win 100 battles
  • 5x Large Attack Boost
  • 10 Rogues
Nice TryLose 75 battlesPhoenix Statue
Great CommanderWin 100 battles in the PvP Arena
  • 5x Large Attack Boost
  • 10 Rogues
Very dangerous... I'll go first.Finish the highest expedition difficulty 1 time.
  • 1x Terrace Farm
  • Blueprint Set for the Temple of Relics

Good luck and have fun!

Creative contests

As promised, something extra for players who want to tone down the competition. Check out the conditions and the rewards below!

The Guild expo!Invite players to your new Guild in a creative way! Post your invitation on the dedicated section of our Forum and wait until the others give their vote.

The threas with the most votes wins!
  1. Post a new thread with your Guild invite in the designated forum section by the 13th of October.
  2. Go and vote for the invite you like best between 14th and 20th of October.
Please note that you're voting on threads! Just enter the thread to read the Guild invite and leave your vote if you like it!
  • A premium Guild Logo of your choice
  • 1xHall of Fame for all Guild members
The City expo!What is the most efficient way to build a City on Forge? Share your tips and tricks and post a screenshot of your City.

The post with the most likes wins!
  1. Post in the dedicated thread until October 13th.
  2. Vote for the Cities you consider to be the most efficient by liking the posts until October 20th.
Innopolis – a tabletop game with buildings and places from our games!

We look forward to see your creative entries!

That's all, folks! We hope to see you among the winners and we would be delighted to reward you for your active participation in creating the new world!

Wishing you best of luck,

Your Forge of Empires Team


FoE Team
Community Manager
Our first batch of winners!!
Forward to the Future 1 : MegaMark
That's a Great Building! : Beth the Savage
Friend of the Vikings: ESO1962
Friend of the Pharaoh: ESO1962
Great Commander: ESO1962

Congrats all, I will be contacting you with your prizes soon!
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