Do Not Suggest: Training Detached Units

Add function to detach attached units?

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Proposal: Train detached units in military buildings.

Details: It's simple once finished training unit to have opportunity to train as detached unit. The detached unit training could take up to a day and unit can't be used in fights. One(or with diamonds more) detached unit can be trained at the same time per military building.

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Balance/Abuse Prevention: N/A
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I must admit that I do not fully understand this – Currently there is Attached Units and Unattached Units, Detached is a third type or does it simply mean Unattached??.

Also "These units can not be used in fights" – I suppose it is meant that they can not be used immidately or? – else If units can not be used in fights then they are not much use at all. Even if they can not be used immidately, then when can they be used after they have been produced?.
Even if somthing like this is the meaning of it, I see an even more cluttered Unit Window with now 3 categories fo each type of unit – If the Organizing Unit Window would be better, then surely it would not be much of a thing, but currently nothing has changed on that part for a very long time, even that there has been plenty of ideas and suggetions, but that is Off Topic.

Else I am pretty neutral to this idea – Newer players would be able to build up more units over time (if they can be used), without having to have the Alcatraz – but I find that it can be done still (without Alcatraz and not participating in GvG), when winning units in e.g GE and/or events. Even the new Dealer has units up from time to time, not to mention that Teching also provides a small number of units. At least I do not miss out on units in my small one year city, only doing GE and I do still have enough units available without Alcatraz. So if newer players complain that they do not have enough units, then this might be a solution, whereas long term players having the Traz usually have more than enough units, unless they just finished a major GvG war.
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not used in fights = used in GvG (siege, defense)
I See – but then for sure this should be very clearly described for new players, else I am guessing some would be quite disspleased finding out that they can not use these units for PvP and GE. But for dedicated fighters doing GvG, even newcoming fighters this would be a good extra, not huge but good.
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The Alcatraz already allows us to train unattached troops

Train detached units in military buildings
The detached units are actually unattached units
The detached unit training could take up to a day and unit can't be used in fights.
This means units cant be used in neighborhood fights or any part of GvG for 24 hrs while they are training
After the 24 hrs of training you can use them
but isn't this DNSL?
From the DNSL thread
Better units to fight against other units (ie no monster/super units that can sweep all others). New units ideas must be balanced with existing ones.

Changing an attached unit to a unattached unit doesn't make it a better unit (ie monster/super unit)
In my opinion this doesn't violate the DNSL
Anyway its not our job to determine whats DNSL or not
Report the post and let the mods do their job