Already Suggested: trading inventory items

mallard d

Proposal: ability to trade inventory goods 1 for 1 of the same type and or level (if item is age / era locked)

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else?
I have and there is one but all they did was ask the question

I realize the old ''gift'' option is dead and gone but what about developing a trade option for inventory items... many players have lots of extra goods in there inventory. It would be really nice to put some of those to use.

id love to be able to trade my extra colossus upgrade for someone else's ship upgrade or a SOK for someone else's wishing well... my suggestion would be charge the players 1 or 2 diamonds to post a trade and 1 diamond to except the trade. that way it's another way for inno to get back some of those precious diamonds. also i feel this trade should only be available to friends and guild mates.

Abuse Prevention:
the best way to prevent abuse would be to only allow trades of same type for example upgrades for upgrades....boosts for boosts...buildings for buildings. also if a building is era locked only allow trades of same level( or at most +/-1). i also feel that if a building is available for purchase with coins or supplies it should not be available for any trade. i also don't think either player should be able to receive a level locked build above there current age/era.

mallard d

ya i dont know why my search came back with nothing the first time when searched. the second time after posting this i found the others and read overtypes post in one of them and said to myself "well crap" sadly there is no way i can see to delete a thread