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---------TRADING------------Brisgard only.


I am starting a this trading topic for any one who wishes to trade in
I have copied this from what DaTwista has already done for the first game.
So any credit due is for DaTwista.

Format: (Simply copy/paste it into your post)

Player name: (Your in-game player name)
Seeking: (Which item are you looking for followed by amount.)
Offering: (Which items are you able to provide followed by the amount.)


this is my trade.

Player name: eliza
Seeking: Marble:- 2
Offering: Lumber:- 3
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this is pointless unless a person within your group of 80 sees this...and you cant trade outside of that group


Thank Eliza but it's a little pointless right now. When I created the thread, that was when closed beta just started but soon increased in numbers which then made it pointless due to the different groups.

However, players will be able to make use of this thread soon ;) hang in there ;)


this is pointless unless a person within your group of 80 sees this...and you cant trade outside of that group
Where did you get that information from.
Most of the players who are trading are not in my group of eighty.
Or are they not real players?
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sycho cj

hello noob here in deperate need of dye, got offers for stone up if someone would accept would be much appreciated ;0)


as i said im a noob, i have no idea what your on about lol!
Welcome to the game sycho cj :)

What he means with necro is this was a very very old thread, considered dead and you brought it back.

The thing about asking for trades here is, the only ones who you can trade with are your neighbours, friends and guildmembers. So it is not very useful to post them in the forums here for all the people in the world to see, when they cannot accept them anyways :)

As you are new, I suggest taking a look at the Guides Section and Frequently Asked Questions Section of the forums, you will find a lot of useful info there :)




I'm looking for virtual future goods. World Brisgard. My age now Industrial age. Player: Leander the Just 352
Need Cryptocash 500, offer 1000 good from my age,
Need Data Crystal 450, offer 900 good from my age,
Need Golden Rice 500, 1000 good from my age,
Need Nanite 450, offer 900 good from my age,
Tea Silk 500, 1000 good from my age.
I will pay for deal FP in your GB

Leander the Just 352