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Is there a Guild for low level traders? Stone - Iron - Early Middle Ages? Guild where people are making goods.

Would like to join one if there is. My neighbors are dead or part-time players.

I am in the Stone Age and see no reason to try for Iron because I would be stuck 1/3 of the way through because I don't have the Wine - Dye - Marble to advance. Iron Age with Stone age troops would be no fun.

Need a Guild where players have different goods we can swap back and forth.

Any out there. And please don't send me an invite to your guild when you don't even have players with goods buildings. I have plenty of those.
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COME ON! There has to be someone out there who wants to trade. Only way you can advance is to get the necessary goods. I can make Wood & Stone. Need Wine - Marble - Dye. Soon will need other stuff. EVERYONE will need 207 lumber and 238 stone before they can finish the Colonial Age.

Will need 48 Stone to finish the Iron Age & 60 lumber. If you can't make it trade for it. 1 for 1. Wine - Dye - Marble.

If you want to trade send me an invite & MESSAGE. I ignore invites with no message. Spam


Well, you can advance as far as you're able to without any sort of drawback. Entering the Iron Age won't prevent you from fighting in the Bronze Age tower or anything. You'll just run into a wall of not being able to advance if you don't obtain the requisite goods at a certain point.

I'd would say to consider my guild, but we're a bit further along than what you describe.

Eesh, and get rid of those hunters! You can easily fit two potteries if you sell the hunters and some decorations.


Sure you can advance, if you want to spend your time waiting for Good to be made at 5 per day. That is how much you get if you don't have the Resource on your map.

Or you can trade and not spend a month waiting.

And look more closely at my village. Need all those decorations for the houses I have and will have Sunday when I get my next Expansion.

And don't need potteries. Need Dye - Wine - Marble. A few more manufactured goods is not much use.


Started my on Guild. TRADERS GUILD For Stone - Iron - Early Middle Ages. Join - Trade - Leave or Stay. Save Forge Points. Advance quicker. 1 to 1 trades prefered. Message Beak12 for invite. Happy Trading.

PS: I have Stone & Lumber. Need everything. ^_^

PSS: Guild now has Dye & Iron also
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Since posting this , Beak12 recruited me , and in under a week we jointly ran the guild up to more than 70 active players and a top 25 place in the guild rankings , proving that there is a considerable demand for simple trading-and-city-building guilds , as opposed to the more usual " DARK LORD GOGOROTH'S BLOODLUST-ALIEN-ZOMBIE-DEATHWARRIORS " things that are on offer .

Our TRADERS GUILD is now full ( bar a place or two for really good candidates ) and we are sorry we cant take more .
I suggest that if the T G is the model you would like to be part of yourselves , then why not do as Beak and I did , and start another one ? Plenty of takers still out there it seems .

King Dael

Thanks for sharing... well done... and you're right... that's a way to do it if you can't find an already established suitable Guild.
There are many Large Guilds out there, consisting of 2-4 Guilds... sharing Forum-tabs to keep connected. You could also do that... make contact to a smaller Guild offering them the applicants, that TG are not capable of including.... making a Traders Guild 2. :rolleyes: