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For second one HMA units were required - in description it says 6 different types but it was enough for me to have crossbowmen and trebuchets.

If you meet our requirements - you are welcome to join number 1 guild. Requirements are in our guild description.

Tip on how to win close tournament:

You can win close tournament if you do not go to Map and keep attacking your neighbors from town, even after tournament time has officially ended. Even after tournament ends - points will be added to your old tournament. This opportunity ends when someone(?) visits a Map.

Recruitment is reaching final stage with only 10 spaces left and guild having more then 1 500 000 points.

Minimal requirements are still 12k of points or 1000+ victories, but will increase soon.
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well, seeing as how i am the only active player in my neighborhood now, if i want to trade, this will be the place

1. Ingame name: Rustyspoon
2. Points:17800
3. Produce resources of HMA: brick, salt
4. Produce resources of LMA: silk

thank you


Our requirements have changed - 15 k points or 1000+ victories is needed for new members.
We still have 6 spaces left.

Our requirements have changed again. Now its 18 k points or 1000+ victories needed for new members.
We still have 2 spaces left.

We still have 2 spaces left for those who would like to join the biggest market of high ages goods in whole server just in 5 days time!

Guild is full at this moment but we are accepting new members still!

Requirements for new members: 20+k points OR 1500+ victories.

Note: it might take a few days to get in guild as you'll be replacing inactives.
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Huh? TOP PLAYERS Guild has also inactive? or do you mean the ones in the lower end?


Hi lokiju,
I think you must have missed my last post and since it included a question to all TOP PLAYERS I thought it only fair to post the question here.

"... is there any other player who can work out how its possible to have 400 medals, be going for the 500 expansion but gained all those medals from Bronze, IRON, EMA & HMA towers only. Perhaps someone in TOP PLAYERS can find a logical way to explain this?"

Any thoughts?
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We have free space and we are looking for new members! So if you want to join Number 1 guild with biggest market of high level goods and lots of active players - apply now!
Requirements for new members: 35+k points OR 1500+ victories.


We are holding up on our promise and opening Top Players guild for every Arvahall player to trade in biggest high age market on this server!

Temporary (24 hr) visas are being issued for everyone who wants and has high age goods to trade.

Note: As trading has been made easy we will close this program soon.