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'Titas: Part Deux' has been released

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Titans, the dominant guild in East-Nagash, has finally decided to stop slacking and create a sister guild for all you newer players, who have started on later on, yet wish to play competitive and with the best.

Advantages of joining Titans: Part Deux

-Being part of the Titans family.
-Direct trade market link with main guild who already have huge stocks of lower tier goods. In case of any sort of goods deficit, we can just transfer some people over to fix it for everyone.
-Active support culture being strongly rooted. We want Titans everywhere enjoy the benefits of best active mutual support on each-other to fasten every-ones growth
-Advice and pro-tips from experienced players. We transferred 4 expirenced Titans over to help get this thing started and they are willing to help out best they can with any problems one might have.
-Advantages of being together with people more similarly advanced as you, hence sharing a trade market of more similar interest.
-Possibility to always transfer over to the original guild once you start catching them up in research/advancement levels.

What we look for in our players:

-Players with a generally more competitive gaming attitude. It doesn't matter if you are old-timer from some other server or just started playing yesterday, if you like your games and doing well in them, come try us out.

What else we are looking for in our players:

-Active participation in trade market.
-Supporting your guildmates(motivate/polish) on daily bases whenever possible.
-Participation in forums or other kind of guild social stuff should it be needed.

If you wish to join Titans:Part Deux msg Chuck Yeager13.

Founding member of Titans
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Hi I've sent messages to you guys but heard nothing. Are you still active?



Since the guild was founded 2 and half months ago, 17 Titans:Part Deux graduates have joined the ranks of Titans. 8 of them already have a rankings score of more than 100k points and all of them started playing either around when guild was founded, or after that.

If you are a young competative player coming into the world of East-Nagash, there is no better place for you to start than Titans: Part Deux. Surrounded by other hungry players on similar advancement level and lead by expirenced and dedicated leader Death Ouron, I couldn't think of a better place to join if I myself were new player and starting over. With a trading market so effective rendering goods pretty much a non-factor in the game, and polish/motivate support on bar with top guilds from any world, life is good - but so are expectations.

Contact Death Ouron for invite to Titans: Part Deux.

On related news, we reciently opened shop for Titans Trilogy. It is for players with more relaxed playing style and more freedom, for all point and battle groups. Obviously the guild members are linked with each-other via friendships to increase polish/motivate standard for all members.

Contact Spla5hmummy for invite to Titans Trilogy.
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One thing that was on my mind when I started playing and what I imagine is in minds of many new players, is the question "why are guilds even any good?". When I started, I could initially not see any direct benefits of it. The game does good job introducing and teaching the game at start via quests, but it makes no mention whatsoever to guilds. So I'm gonna explain the benefits of being in a guild right here:

1) Polishing and motivating. It is the habit in most good guilds to support your guild-mates and if you got 80 players with the mentality of supporting each-other, you can recieve many dozens of polish/motivate support per day. Now a new player with huts and obelisks may not see how huge that benefit can be, so I'll explain it little further.

As you progress further in the game, you will learn that cultural buildings become much more effective per square than cheap decorations. Town space becomes more and more harder to find, so you will be forced to move over to those more effective per space buildings to have space for everything you need to build. But cultural buildings are always very expensive and still take a lot of room in your town, more and more since the happiness requirements increase with every new house. So this is where the action of polish by your guild-mates can become so valuable. Polish doubles the happiness output of a building for next 12 hours. So if you have an active guild you can trust, you can run almost half of the number of cultural buildings you would run otherwise, saving tons of space and resources. Other way of going with this, is asking for motivation. It is particularly effective for players who have big production buildings and often run long duration productions in them. Motivation doubles the resource output of the building for the collect. It is also effective for long duration(8h and 24h) houses. In best guilds you can usually even combine the 2 and have both kinds of support, making your town times more effective than it would be on it's own. You also recieve 20 coins every time you support anyone, and that can add up to thousands of coins per day, a very good amount of extra money earyer in the game.

2) Trading. You have 3 options when it comes to trading. First is trading with AI, but it gives you really really bad deals, taking 10 times profit for you each deal. Another option is trading with your neighbors. When you start off and see you have 80 neighbors in a fresh hood, it may actually seem like it can work, but don't be fooled. You are together with 80 players as fresh as you, and almost all of them will be inactive and quit after first week. Out of the remaining handful, half will be clueless about this game even months later. It will get better as your neighbourhood will start merging with other similar neighbourhoods with players who decided to stick around, but by then very few of those neighbors will be interested in trading with you. Mostly because it costs 1 forge point to trade with neighbors, while trading is free between guild-mates. So most choose guild-mates. It is very different in a guild, where you are matched right away with 80 players who all have same goal as you, and for who it is completely free to trade with. In a guild like Titans: Part Deux, all your trades will be taken care of, usually within hours.

3) Socializing. There is not too much social outlets in this game, so guilds offer perfect opportunity to bond and have some fun. Weather it be just chatting and making friends or asking advice and sharing experiences, you can have it.