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Titans Guild Recruitment



Welcome to Titans Guild Recruitment page.

Why Titans?

Well, we're the #1 guild in Houndsmoor for a start.
We boast some of the strongest players on our world,
including some of the most battle hardened of them all.

We will advise you with our wealth of knowledge & experience,
helping you to grow fast and stay strong.
You can seek combat advice from our Battle Advisers,
giving you the edge in a fight & on the world map.

We have a seemingly never ending supply of goods,
so will you always have what you need at a moments notice.
We operate various Clubs, Groups, Competitions & Games,
affording you the opportunity to win prizes but most of all, have fun.

We enjoy a very active community with lots of chatting, banter & jokes,
you'll be made to feel welcome the moment you arrive.


Applicant Requirements.
We are looking for active, high scoring, fast growing members,
to help keep Titans at the top of the leader boards.

If interested, please contact:
pakarand - gadiel68


Sister guilds.
If you're not quite ready yet, but would like to be a member of the Titans family,
we have two sister guilds which you can also apply for.


Titans Deux 100,000+ minimum points. If interested, please contact:
Superteddy - scoop1970

Titans Trilogy No limit at this time. If interested, please contact:

As part of any of our guilds you will receive the same support as you would in Titans main.


If you have any questions or want to know more please contact,
pakarand - froddo - GHOST SICKNESS

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This looks very familiar, you did great effort GHOST SICKNESS on Titans guild recruitment page.


Hey Ghost, That is the best recruitment page I've seen yet! I can tell you spent some time on it and it looks great and very professional. Good luck with recruitment! :) Vikki


edicied why do you come here and in The Teabaggers are Recruiting and try to hit the nail or on simple word to lower us,everything you do is going to catch up with your guild somedays.and in fact your missing the nail and hitting your own head.

I dont see any copy here everything is different.Why even bother about it if yours better !! Even if something look familiar to you did you ever look at guild profile it almost look like the same for everyonei.

Maybe you can send a DMCA copyright to Forge of Empire.

Good work GHOST SICKNESS keep it on !


I would have to say that Titans does have the best recruitment page. It's currently the gold standard and they have set the bar. The layout, text and colors are clean and it's obvious a great deal of time went into it's creativity. The spirit of competition always encourages continuous improvement.


Im getting the thought that some people here think their setup of recruitment pages are unique therefore anything similar is stolen. Ive seen these kind of pages on other game forums and I can assure you, far from unique but rather a recognisable format that makes sense to use, please dont try and re-invent the wheel people, its already there :)