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Time to leave Forge of Empires

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yes pls bring that back am sure forum would get a lot more visits from players if you would bring that back to forum i myself don't come often to forum cause it's not fun but am sure i would come a lot more often if you would bring back thread what time is it you might also loose less players with something like this around for players

Overlord Dex

Well having played FoE for so long I can't actually remember when I started, I can safely say I've not spent one single penny playing it. It makes progress slow, yes and I get stuck at times. But somehow I keep going. There is always the possibility I'll never reach the end either!

As for helping others, I can't help those that don't ask for what they need. And people just don't ask!


I’m surprised to have found this thread but even more so at the lack of activity on it. There seems to be more discussion about the state of FoE in other channels than in this, where in theory you could hope developers might at least see it, or pay some attention. Maybe it’s my relative naivete that leads me to wonder at the lack of response from devs too, at what is an increasing unease or maybe disillusionment about what is happening in the game and the only reaction seems to be to introduce more features that are pushing people further away. ARE YOU BEYOND CARING, DEVS? I, like many others, have had long discussions with fellow long term players, and huge numbers are considering leaving, have left or significantly reduced their game time because of
- the lack of innovation and improvement to e.g. lag issues
- the failure to address long term issues with e.g. Gvg and rule breaking
- the time commitment required to stay competitive (need I say GbG?)
- repetitive, all too frequent and over long events
- boring new eras with nothing going for them but some new avatars and background, and new great buildings that fail to excite
- the fragmentation of everything imaginable, making inventories unmanageable
- the cost and overt monetisation across the game
- and now, the last straw, a reworking of GE with less valuable or interesting rewards for disproportionate effort and cost.

I’m not sure where that leaves the game, those who have already indicated they are going, or those who have left in the past two weeks after GE5 was introduced. But it is a sad state of affairs when nothing is said or done to reassure the community, quite the contrary - just go and look at the number of pages upon pages of negative feedback regarding the changes to GE, and before that to the proposed Gbg changes, that were then ignored. Way to indicate that caring…


Years ago the moderators would come to Global chat and do competitions on there, that was great everyone loved it,.

How about doing that again give away a few prizes?
Years ago the moderators would come to Global chat and do competitions on there, that was great everyone loved it,.

How about doing that again give away a few prizes?
that was on forum and thread was called : what time is it
moderators told me they were looking into bringing that back

Iran the Red

I have played for nearly 7 years. I have watched the game go from a strategy game, where we could develop a city as merchant/negotiator, builder/fp's growth, combat or the most popular balanced involving all factors. To a game of combat only.
Inno promoted the game years ago as a game where a player could achieve success regardless of strategy choice, a game where it was not necessary to spend Premium Currency and you would not see Advertisements.
The ability to participate as a merchant city was shutdown when Inno changed how negotiations worked without telling the players.
Many other changes Inno have made were not announced the just slipped them in with one of their bug infested updates.
Their latest attempt to invigorate the GE has involved removing the Diamond rewards which many player's depended upon to keep up with the rising cost to spend Diamonds. The Fragmentation of a bunch of totally useless buildings which they replaced in-lew of Diamonds, boarders on offensive and insulting.
It has become necessary to spend Diamonds to gain the buildings from the Special Events. The development of new more challenging Special Events was welcome at first. Now it has gotten to the point where if you do not play for an hour or more twice or three times a day you are not going to achieve the minimum of results.
Last time I checked to see what demographic my Guildmates or trusted Friend's were, they fell into the category of working people who used the game as a source of relaxation and enjoyment.
It is a game: Not a job: Definitely not Financial Slavery to a Master who Changes the Rules on a Whim!
The additional inclusion of Advertising totally violates Inno's original claim they would not have Advertising in their game.
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Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
The OP has said what he wanted to say and has left the game. Comments are becoming more and more off topic. People have started to use this thread as a feedback thread. We already have thread for feedback. This way it only becomes confusing, so I am locking this thread.
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